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Active Campaign Landing Pages – How to Build List With It         

Active Campaign is a type of one-stop marketing solution. It promises marketing automation that learns and listens. This platform combines automation, CRM and sales tools, targeted tools for messaging, and email marketing to streamline the user experience.

Active Campaign landing pages allow you to segment and build contact lists. The primary purpose of a file is to segment all your contacts at the most extensive possible level.

Lists are considered as the broadest segments that you can make out of your contacts. Put, files are the initial segmentation layer. Tags can be used to segment lists further.

You can also use custom fields to become more targeted and granular than what tags let you do.

In the traditional form of email marketing, lists and messages are connected. It is not possible to send a single word to all contacts across your listings. You need to make a separate message for every list, even when the message’s content is just the same. But, messages and files are not connected in the Active Campaign. This means you can send the same message to all contacts sharing a different condition even if they belong to different lists. Automation and Active Campaign’s overall flexibility makes it possible.

Types of Lists You Can Create with Active Campaign

Contacts can choose to unsubscribe from and subscribe to lists. Lists can be made on your account’s Lists page.

If you are a user of Active Campaign, you know how they strive to provide a flexible platform. All businesses have their own unique needs, and they want you to use Active Campaign in any way that works best for you.

Having said this, now and then, they make suggestions they believe will prepare you for continuous success. They recommend that all users initially consider two lists alone – one for customers and one for prospects.

Prospect List

Prospect lists are lists of all contacts that also lead. Creating your master list is among the first things you should do after you sign up for Active Campaign landing pages. Master lists are synonymous with prospect lists.

Customer List

Active Campaign’s straightforward to lists also continues with the customer list. After all, this is a list of all contacts you have who are also customers. People who purchased your product or products are included in this particular list.

The simple approach to using lists is inspired by the belief that you either address your contacts as customers or as leads. You either want to convert them, or you want to try to upsell or nurture them. If you have plans of sending a one-off message to prospects, you can only choose your prospect list as your recipients.

A test lost is another kind of list that everyone is advised to have.

This is something that can be used for testing the sending of messages and other actions that can be performed on lists.

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