Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Active Campaign Trial – How to Sign Up for It?  

Active Campaign trial is ideal for entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs. This email marketing platform is packed with features and gives you value for your money from invoice creation to SMS marketing and CRM. The team at Active Campaign has included tons of extra features that expanding businesses can use to keep in touch with their existing customer base.

Using Active Campaign as a marketing automation service gives your company room for growth. Improved flexibility, even though it requires more time investment to get a grasp of everything from the start.

Active Campaign for All Business Owners

The active Campaign trail is ideal for both businesses and individuals. Reach out and expand through professional and impressive emails. With the extensive array of templates, the choice is all yours to make. You can start importing your contacts to get started right away. Discover for yourself how Active Campaign will help you do the job.

Aside from the fantastic templates, Active Campaign is also fun and easy to use and comes with plenty of exciting add-ons.

Simple Editing with Active Campaign

Editing templates with Active Campaign was very intuitive and easy. There is an HTML editor in its template editor that gives savvy users endless possibilities of editing all templates in HTML mode. You will surely be pleased with the navigation on the site because you can find everything with ease.

Active Campaign Support

The customer service representatives of Active Campaign are always available and very helpful. Their resource center is filled with details that will help you in learning not just the Active Campaign. More importantly, email marketing as a whole. The customer service of Active Campaign is always there to support your campaign and ensure its success.

Active Campaign Pricing

All the available plans of the Active Campaign are full of features. You can enjoy the Active Campaign trial good for 30 days for free. Even though this is only restricted to 250 contacts with 1,250 emails monthly for its sending capacity, Active Campaign trial is still wholly featured. It also lets you get a glimpse of the email marketing world.

Once the Active Campaign trial ends, you can choose from four options for pricing.

  • Lite – It lets you enjoy unlimited newsletter capacity and sending emails.
  • Plus – Grow your campaign with tons of additional features like contact and lead scoring, CRM with sales automation, and more.
  • Professional – This includes all the perks of both Plus and Lite plans as well as Attribution and Site Messaging, to name a few.
  • Enterprise – This includes all the perks of Professional plan together with free design services, account representative, custom mail server domain, phone support, uptime SLA, open social data, and a whole lot more.

Active Campaign trial lets you get a first-hand experience of the features and templates that the program offers. This professional service for email marketing is affordable, easy to use, and high quality.

Check out to get your Active Campaign trial or visit for free training.

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