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Active Campaign Video Tutorial – How to Use Active Campaign               

Active Campaign is an affordable and versatile platform for email marketing that comes with a powerful and efficient toolkit. They boast of a very skilled customer service, which a crucial aspect that you should never take for granted.

With an Active Campaign video tutorial, you will discover that it updates all of its functionalities frequently as a response to the suggestions and criticisms from actual users. New customers may find the interface somewhat intimidating, yet the moment you get used to this, you will discover that the platform is not only user-friendly but also offers extensive functionality.

Active Campaign Pricing

The prices of the Active Campaign depend on the size of the contact list. This means that if you have more contacts, you will also need to pay more for every plan. If your contact list exceeds 100,000, make sure you contact the company to get a custom price.

Easy to Use Tool

The initial process of registration is rather simple because you will only be asked to provide your necessary contact details such as company name, name, and email. You also need to answer a few questions meant to determine the suitable service level for you. Once you have done this, you will be directed to the control panel.

At this point, most users cannot help but feel overwhelmed. The top menu has seven options. In each of the seven options, there is an extensive menu with further options. Although all features are quite useful, it is reasonable to be slightly inundated at first glance.


As far as alliances are concerned, Active Campaign is compelling as this lets you choose from the list of over 150.  In case you are currently using a third-party application, there is a chance that it is included on this list.

Create and Send Email Campaigns

After you have configured your contact list, you can now begin sending emails. An active Campaign video tutorial will show you that Active Campaign offers a plethora of pre-designed and easy to use mobile templates that can be customized according to your needs. You can start from scratch if you like with the use of HTML code or the necessary templates.

Its drag and drop editor is remarkably more powerful compared to that of its competitors. This lets you edit images even if you already finished uploading them.

You can choose from several tracking options, namely link tracking, Open/Read, Google Analytics, and response tracking. Then select an email address to check the preview of the campaign and set the schedule for sending it complete with the date and time.

Also, find a spam counter that will warn you of potential issues you may encounter when you send the campaign.

Watching an Active Campaign video tutorial will give you a good glimpse of what to expect from this tool.

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