Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Active Campaign vs. Aweber – Which One is Better?

Are you a business owner looking for an excellent email marketing service that will let you send personalized and professional templates? Do you want to keep up to date with statistics for clients as well as the messages you are sending out? Active Campaign vs. AWeber is probably the first topic you encountered during your search for the best service.

Active Campaigns available at and AWeber available at is email marketing services popular in their niche because they have been helping business owners. Instead of being a mere email platform, the two functions let you create newsletters and emails, monitor statistics, and segment all your customers for various marketing techniques.

These two platforms cater to a plethora of users. From freelancers who keep track of their clients and work to companies that use them for advertising and marketing, Active Campaign and AWeber both cater to a broad audience. Almost 90% of Active Campaign and AWeber users are small businesses.

Both AWeber and Active Campaign are meant for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professional bloggers. But, if you check the statistics, about 11% of Active Campaign users are those companies with 51 to 200 members. On the other hand, AWeber served more prominent companies, with 15% of users having more than 1,000 employees.

Active Campaign vs. AWeber – The Battle of Features

As far as features are concerned that can help you track your clients and business, Active Campaign is the surefire winner. Active Campaign provides a more significant range of exciting features when it comes to keeping track of customer history, data, and statistics than AWeber that total to more than two dozen additional features.

The two options provide a range of options as far as email services are concerned. But, Active Campaign wins out as it offers numerous notification services, opportunities for data exporting and importing, keeping track of the customer history, and more.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign boasts of a lengthy list of exciting features offered to its users. Features like event tracking will help you keep track of the time you have to send out individual newsletters. There are also customizable fields that can help you personalize emails and forms.

This service can also be used for keeping track of your clients and contacts. Their basic plan provides 500 contacts, and you can buy more extensive projects if ever you need more. It is also possible to create memorable and unique emails with their offered templates.


AWeber also provides a plethora of features. While these features are less than the Active Campaign, you will find it helpful in running your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing and emailing is, of course, the primary focus of this program. You can also use the HTML templates and the drag and drop editor. The service also allows email campaigns and marketing analytics and email analytics. However, between Active Campaign vs. AWeber, Active Campaign pulls ahead in the analytical features.

After learning the differences of Active Campaign vs. AWeber, don’t forget to check out for free training.

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