Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Active Campaign vs. Campaign Monitor – What’s the Difference?

The industry of email marketing solutions has become saturated now more than ever. Self-employed entrepreneurs and large organizations looking for such solutions can feel overwhelmed during their search.

But, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you will note the differences between these solutions and find the right one that suits you and your business needs. Some systems work better compared to others, depending on what you can deliver and what your audience requires.

While Active Campaign vs. Campaign Monitor may not be the biggest names in the field of email marketing, both are very credible. Take a look at the differences between these two.

A Look at Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is among the stalwarts as far as the email marketing niche is concerned. This started in 2004, which means that it has been in the business for 15 long years.

Campaign Monitor claims more than 2,000 million users at about 150,000 companies all over the world. These companies include big names such as Buzzfeed, Disney, and Coca-Cola. You can say that this service is pretty popular.

Companies like Campaign Monitor will never last for such a long time if they don’t provide a reasonable and excellent service at a high price. If you ask Campaign Monitor to say something about itself, they will surely tell you that they are all about simplicity. This is the recurring theme in the world of email marketing solutions.

The features of Campaign Monitor may look a bit standard as compared to those of its competitors, but you can be sure that it does the job well.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is another long-time player in the world of email marketing launched in 2004 and available at The market share of Active Campaign has skyrocketed for the past few years. The user base has already grown by up to 250%. This is a kind of growth that paved the way to a 160% increase in their employee count and a couple of office expansions.

The past few years have become a fascinating period for the Active Campaign.

The platform of Active Campaign trots out the majority of standard users like senders of bulk emails. First impressions about Active Campaign is how this is a powerhouse of smart and useful features.

The features of Active Campaign seem to veer more towards a complete marketing automation platform for your business’s e-commerce aspect. This also integrates CRM and email marketing management and data analysis.

Final Comparisons – Active Campaign vs. Campaign Monitor

Active Campaign and Campaign Monitor are both very usable and beautiful products provided that you fully understand their best and most recommended use before you spend any money.

When it comes to what you can use them for, the two can be interchangeable. To choose the right option, always determine your objective and how you wish to achieve it to find the best platform for your needs.

Now that you know the winner in the battle of Active Campaign vs. Campaign Monitor don’t forget to go to for free training.

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