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Active Campaign vs. Constant Contact – Which One is Better?

Although Active Campaign vs. Constant Contact is both great solutions for email automation, these two are not made equal. To determine the best provider of email marketing service between Constant Contact and Active Campaign, it is a must to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both. If you have found the one that is ideal for your business, you know which email automation marketing software you should use.

Active Campaign vs. Constant Contact – Differences in Benefits and Essential Features

Among the best things about Active Campaign vs. Constant Contact is that both integrate with more than 700 third party apps. In case there is a missing function in your subscription, you can supplement it with a third party app. You can even embed critical applications if you like.

But, if you are hosting events and you are looking for an email marketing service to help your event attendees during the registration, Constant Contact that you can find at is a splendid tool you can use. This lets you create events with ease, spread the word about them, and capture the details of interested people. This also creates a different list for the event that is different from the email list you have.

This is important since it lets you target the specific group.

With just the content relevant to the event, no more, no less. This lets you ideally increase your event’s attendance through encouraging likes, shares, curiosity, and registration.

Constant Contact also has a Plus package where you can get donations and survey-enabling tools included in your emails if ever you need them. Action Blocks was recently added to power polls, with recipients no longer required to leave the email inbox to fill out a survey on a different web page. All of these can be done in just one click.

On the other hand, Active Campaign available at doesn’t offer this kind of too. However, it provides the ability to segment and tag your contacts. But, tagging and segmenting might be better with Constant Contact. Unlike Active Campaign, you can easily organize tags with Constant Contact.

You to have an easier time segmenting numerous contacts.

But, because Constant Contact is not a comprehensive tool for marketing automation, this comes with limited capabilities as an autoresponder. For instance, you cannot customize emails according to the trigger or action. Your lead engages in like clicking the link in the email body. This is something you can do with Active Campaign.

Constant Contact, on the other hand, still got a significantly developed email builder as compared to Active Campaign. This means that if your primary concern is how to create beautiful emails with ease, Constant Contact might be your best choice.

Active Campaign and Constant Contact are both services for email automation ideal for small businesses, freelancers, as well as medium-sized enterprise clients.

Depending on the specific marketing goals of your business, you can choose between these two, which is going to work best for you.

After knowing what works best between Active Campaign vs. Constant Contact, make sure you go to for free training.

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