Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Active Campaign vs. Drip – Which One is Better?

In the world of small to medium-sized businesses, two popular names usually pop up during discussions about the best software for email marketing automation:

Active Campaign vs. Drip.

For the past 15 years, Active Campaign has been steadily establishing its reputation of being the leader in the field of marketing automation as it serves more than 70,000 businesses across the globe. Some of its main offerings include the integrated CRM and powerful workflow editor.

Launched in 2013, Drip can be considered as the newcomer between these two. But, its youth didn’t stop it from quickly gaining the attention of businesses who want to make the most out of the tool’s intuitive automation and e-commerce CRM features.

But, if you will have to make a choice between Active Campaign vs. Drip, which is really the better option?

About Active Campaign

Active Campaign is among the all in one marketing platforms that are user-friendly and meant to cater to medium and small businesses.

Active Campaign combines sales CRM software, marketing automation, and email marketing in a simple and easy to use visual platform that helps businesses engage, acquire, and retain customers. This tool ultimately helps you grow your business and save time in the process.

Active Campaign also allows you to design striking email campaigns that will ensure that you can keep in touch with all your customers and contacts. There is a visual campaign builder that allows you to create your automated marketing campaigns with ease and send out your target emails to potential customers according to the personal interactions they have with your business.

Active Campaign also has an integrated CRM that allows you to keep track of all your leads and seal more deals that will help grow and expand your business.

Active Campaign also works with others as it can integrate with more than 700 services and apps.

From analytics, CMS, and accounting applications to services focused on lead generation, support, and sales, Active Campaign can integrate with all of these and more.

Check out their website at and try the platform yourself to determine if your business can benefit from using Active Campaign.

Small businesses with a tight budget are the ideal candidates who should use Active Campaign as their easy to use and powerful platform for sales CRM and marketing automation. Larger companies can also opt for the enterprise plan being offered.


  • No setup fees and very affordable
  • Powerful and easy to build automated workflows
  • A/B testing automation campaigns and sequences


  • Lack of landing page builder
  • Limited options for dashboard customization

About Drip

Drip can be deemed as the first-ever tool for email marketing that turned autoresponders into first-class citizens. California-based Numa Group lovingly handmade this organic and grass-fed software.

Drip is perfect for businesses offering online courses and info products.


  • Free plan with a maximum of 100 subscribers
  • Show custom call to action to site visitors
  • Add events complete with metadata for more advanced email campaigns to contacts


  • Messy funnels and complicated campaigns

If you have decided that you can benefit from Active Campaign when it comes to the battle between Active Campaign vs. Drip, visit or go to for free training.

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