Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Active Campaign vs. MailChimp – Which One is Better?               

Active Campaign vs. MailChimp is both in-demand platforms for marketing automation. Active Campaign provides advanced features such as powerful and effective automated workflows.MailChimp, on the other hand, provides an affordable and easy to use option for medium and small-sized businesses.

Both also use automation and accumulate data to develop bespoke email campaigns meant to turn more subscribers into customers.

Active Campaign vs. MailChimp Overview

Active Campaign learns from the data of users and accordingly delivers personalized and compelling messages. This includes a component of customer relationship management that can organize customer data, consolidate channels of communication, and automatically perform prospect tracking.

Through the drag and drop interface, you can create custom goals, execute and build email campaigns, consolidate data, and check detailed reports. Active Campaigns can also integrate with most of the popular applications out there. Check out Active Campaign here http://getacfreetrial.com.

MailChimp is the most significant marketing automation platform in the world. This can also automate the creation of gripping email campaigns tailored to the individual needs of the customers. This also has a dashboard that helps users get a better understanding of the interrelated data it gathers. MailChimp can also integrate with leading e-commerce platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Learn more about MailChimp here https://nicktsai.com/mailchimp/.

Active Campaign vs. MailChimp – How Do These Two Stack Up?

Active Campaign has a drag and drop interface for email design and competently made email templates. Other useful features include:

  • Send emails automatically right when someone joins the email list
  • Send emails one-time to a targeted list of all contacts
  • Create a drip campaign especially for onboarding new customers
  • Schedule distribution of email campaigns on specific times and dates
  • Conduct A/B split testing to get a better understanding of the most effective emails
  • Create complex and automated workflows through combining actions, logic, and triggers

MailChimp also provides most of the features that Active Campaign offers.

This solution also lets users do the following:

  • Connect to an online shop to showcase specific items
  • Design and create emails with the use of custom coding, prepared templates, or drag and drop interface
  • Use built-in collaborative and photo editing features such as shared comments

MailChimp also included the new feature Email Beamer that allows users to create emails from their mobile devices through the Gmail or Outlook server and funnel this to MailChimp using a private email address. MailChimp will then automatically assemble the draft campaign and distribute it if desired. The flexibility of MailChimp allows users to send emails according to time zones, segment lists according to location, form automated emails according to set triggers, and personalize messages with predicted demographics.

Active Campaign vs. MailChimp both let users target specific subscribers, mix triggers to form complex workflows, and prepare templates. MailChimp has a new feature, but its benefit still requires rigorous testing.

Once you have decided the better option between Active Campaign vs. MailChimp, take advantage of the free training available at http://emailmarketingcookbook.com.

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