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Active Campaign vs. Ontraport – Which One is Better? 

Active Campaign vs. Ontraport is two leading marketing software platforms that offer a long list of useful and helpful features. But, it is essential to remember that these two are meant to perform different purposes. Not knowing their key differences may only lead to choosing the wrong tool to use for your business.

Make sure you read on to get a thorough comparison of Active Campaign vs. Ontraport so that you can decide which marketing tool best suits you and your business.

Active Campaign vs. Ontraport Overview

Active Campaign is a type of CRM and email marketing software composed of an email designer, list builder, A/B testing, email automation, template, and conversion rate optimization. This is suitable for large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses. You can get to know more about Active Campaign

Ontraport is a type of marketing automation software that caters to small businesses, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. This features automation, reporting, marketing, and CRM tools.

Active Campaign vs. Ontraport Features

Email marketing is the main focus of Active Campaign made possible by its numerous features, including the following:

  • Marketing automation
  • Smart autoresponders
  • Built-in integrations with more than 200 external services
  • Contact, campaign, and list reporting
  • Email designer with drag and drop feature
  • Track contacts on apps and onsite
  • Track where connections travel or live
  • SMS marketing
  • Add videos and live e-commerce data to emails
  • Sales and CRM automation
  • Free live chat, phone, and email support
  • Find contacts according to location, age, and gender
  • Send newsletters
  • Advanced targeting and segmentation
  • Automated series
  • Conditional and dynamic email content
  • Social media monitoring and reaction automation
  • Free email templates
  • One on one training for free
  • Create custom forms for landing pages

On the other hand, business automation is the focus of Ontraport with the following features:


  • Powerful CRM
  • Business automation
  • Ontraport Mobile
  • Custom objects
  • Ontraport Projects
  • Secure open API
  • Metrics dashboard


  • Ontraport Pages
  • Ontraport Forms
  • WordPress integration
  • Ontraport Marketplace
  • Membership sites
  • Web forms
  • Facebook integration
  • Split testing


  • Marketing automation
  • Ontraport email marketing
  • Partner programs
  • Two-way SMS messaging
  • Marketing tracking
  • Postcard marketing
  • PURLs


  • Order forms
  • Trials, payment plans, coupons, and subscriptions
  • Task management
  • One-click upsells
  • Abandoned cart follow-up
  • Lead scoring and management

Ease of Use and Setup

Ontraport and Active Campaign are both cloud-based standalone marketing software programs that don’t require download, installation, and setup. All you need to do is sign up to get started using the software right away. When it comes to ease of use and setup, Active Campaign vs. Ontraport doesn’t have much of a difference.

ActiveCampaign vs. Ontraport Conclusion

As far as Ontraport and Active Campaign are concerned, both products are mature with a long list of features. Both also excel in their job. Ontraport is your best bet if you need help with marketing automation. But, if you are looking for an email marketing tool, Active Campaign is your number one choice.

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