What is a Solo Ads?       

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to build and grow your email list? Do you want more people to know about the upcoming launch of your new product? Some marketers use solo ads to help them reach these goals. But what are solo ads? How do they help your business?

What is Solo Ads?

Most of you have undoubtedly heard of or read about solo ads before, especially if you have been involved in affiliate marketing for some time. But, if this is the first time you have encountered this term, here is a quick definition.

Solo ads are email-based ads that you purchase from owners of other email lists. These are often sent out as dedicated emails. This means that your promotion is the only thing discussed in the entire message.

Solo ads work this way. You found a solo ad list that caught your interest. Get in touch with the owner, or you purchase access to the file from the website. You are buying either through the number of clicks that your email will receive or by several subscribers your email is going to be sent to.

If everything goes well, the subscribers are going to click, and these clicks are going to convert well. The result is that you will get solo ad conversions that are cheaper than other forms of advertising.

However, it is important to take note that the whole process is far from being perfect. Most of the time, they work best for information marketers and affiliates.

This is why it isn’t a big surprise that many marketers owe the success of their business to these solo ads that helped them kickstart their venture. So, before you give them a try, always make yourself familiar with how solo ads work.

Who Can Benefit from Using Solo Ads?

Marketers who have some spare budget, like a couple of hundred dollars, can perform necessary testing with these solo ads.

If the pay per click prices in your niche is quite expensive, your cost per click from the solo ads may be lesser than what you will get on Bing or AdWords. This makes solo ads worth the try.

You can also benefit from solo ads if you belong to a niche that has become overcrowded with content such as weight loss or affiliate marketing.

Solo ads are also suitable for people who belong to a niche with fierce competition for traffic from search engines.

Finally, solo ads are also great if you are planning to launch a new product or you want to send traffic to a page right away. If you have no spare time to build an audience, write guest posts, or do other things that require several days to get results, solo ads are your best choice.

In this modern world, where it can get quite tricky to make yourself stand out, it has become imperative to use all types of tools that will help you reach your goals. Solo ads can do exactly just that.

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What is Affiliate Marketing & How To Start

If you want to know what is affiliate marketing, you should start with its basics. For those who are just getting started, affiliate marketing is a perfect opportunity since it does not require more money. You do not even need to ship, stock or produce product inventories or deliver services. You will earn through referring new customers and clients to some businesses.

Affiliate marketing is not hard. However, it requires planning, knowledge, and consistent effort to earn money. Below are some of the things you may do to make sure that your venture in affiliate marketing is a success:

  • Begin by learning affiliate marketing and steps needed to succeed.
  • Select only topnotch quality affiliate services and products. Consider purchasing them on your own, so you may attest to their quality. You will be judged by the services or products you promote, so you do not only focus on income, but also on quality.
  • Research about affiliate programs so you will understand when and how you are paid and some crucial money problems you should know to make sure that the program is a great fit.
  • Begin a blog. A how-to, information or lifestyle blog provides lots of opportunities to promote the affiliate products.
  • Select affiliate items that match the content you have or niche. For instance, once you write about skating, affiliate links to saddlebags or motorcycles will not do well.
  • Match and mix affiliate ads so you do not overwhelm visitors. Usually, in-content affiliate links have the finest clickthrough rates over the image links.
  • Disclose your affiliate relationship always. Majority of visitors will understand that graphic ads will lead you to earning money. However, once you write reviews or use in-text link as recommendations, you like your readers to know that might result to compensation. It ensures you retain trust and transparency with your readers.
  • Try to market. Never rely on social media or SEO alone to drive people to your blog or website and some affiliate referrals. Understand the target market, where to find it, and how to entice it to your website. There are numerous free and low cost ways to market affiliate business.
  • Begin an email list. The best and successful affiliate marketers use emails in their affiliate marketing. Never put it off. Email marketing may increase your profits as an affiliate.
  • Consider the use of a funnel system and lead page to market your affiliate marketing business. Try to lure prospects to the email list with good free offer. You may send them to the affiliate product page.

Before you jump to any affiliate marketing business, you should know the things involved to succeed. Once you decide to pursue affiliate marketing or like to add affiliate marketing to existing businesses, you have to understand that it is not automatic, fast, and requires effort. Like every business, you should have a plan with affiliate marketing. Your success depends on how good you execute your plan. If you like a free training on affiliate marketing, you can sign up at http://nickaffiliatebootcamp.com.



How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you think of affiliate marketing how to make money, most of you would say it’s complicated. Well, for those who don’t know affiliate marketing is one of the marketing practices that gain affiliates commissions in case of sales based on the recommendation of the affiliate. It is also one of the cheapest and easiest ways to market as you do not have to make or sell products. All you have to do is to enable linked connections between sellers and buyers and take commissions once sales are made.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

You can start making money with affiliate marketing once you do the following:

  • Select More Attractive Items

It’d be a mistake to promote everything through registering with various affiliate programs. You cannot concentrate on one of them deeply and results can be disappointing. Rather than promoting everything, promote profitable and unique products. You should also understand market desires and needs and place your items in accordance to making money as affiliate.

  • Use Different Sources of Traffic

The opportunity of online money making raises together with more traffic you send to a sales page. It isn’t wrong to run some ads on your own website. However, it has several missing points. A good example basically is Google Adwords. Through making ads in your account on Adwords, your sales page will get traffic from different channels.

  • Attract the Targeted Traffic

The main function of money making is pushing people to click your links. You have to attract the visitors. There are some ways to consider and these include email marketing, article marketing, free advertising, and paid advertising.

  • Measure, Test, and Track

Measuring your actions and performance will help you explore what does not and what works. Based on the tracking results, keep or change your actions. For instance, your banner ads will not gain much. You need to place them in various areas and compare the results.

  • Research the Demand about the Products

Always spend some time finding out how products you’re thinking to promote the needs of users.

  • Use Tools

You have to make your campaigns more efficient. There are numerous tools that can let you conduct competitor research, market research, track, and convert ad campaigns.

  • Follow New Techniques and Methods

Everyone likes to make money using various affiliate programs. Trends on digital marketing are dynamic and it’s the same thing with affiliate marketing. You should be updated with the newest methods and techniques to succeed in competitive environments.

Those are just some of the steps you must take when learning how to make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is as attractive as it provides everyone the opportunity to make money from their homes. Just make a website, feed that with remarkable content, join affiliate programs, and attract users. While saying this seems easy, you must be patient until you achieve success. If you like to know some tips and techniques, make sure to sign up for a free training at http://nickaffiliatebootcamp.com.



Best WordPress Alternative For Small Business Owner And Affiliate Marketer

Many small business owners and affiliate marketers use WordPress to a business. Nineteen percent of self-hosted websites online are operated from WordPress CMS. But, it does not mean that WordPress will also work for you. Remember that just something works for lots of people does not say that it works for everybody.

A lot of business owners have various things going on that the thought to learn WordPress does not sound like fun. With that, most of you have seen the rising popularity of the solutions built to make management and creation of website very intuitive and simple.

If you are looking for the best WordPress alternative, you can consider the following:


Wix is a known platform when it comes to the website builder. It has been around for quite a while, and it offers a straightforward and simple website builder. It has hundreds of available templates. What you only have to do is to choose the one you want and replace pre-populated content. Wix templates are very easy to customize.


Oftentimes, Weebly is listed as the best free website builder and a good WordPress alternative. It is difficult to argue with its price tag. However, as with the majority of things, you will get what you pay for.


Clickfunnels is the best marketing funnel builder. Marketing funnels are the process to gain leads for businesses and getting people to purchase whatever you are selling. Therefore, you need Clickfunnels to run your small business. Unlike Clickfunnels, it isn’t a website builder. It is a funnel builder, but with more features than WordPress.

In terms of everything, building sales generating business and marketing automation, CLickfunnels is a  good tool. It provides some functionalities that make it possible for everyone to build out pages in less than ten minutes without any coding skill or copywriting skill.

You can try the Clickfunnels for free of charge at https://getcffreetrial.com.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers a kind of theme known as a screener for free of charge. In WordPress, this is not an option. It’s available to download if you have local WordPress.org installed. WordPress does come with more themes you can choose from. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, offers plugins for SEO and pages for the search engines to ignore.

If you want to know why Wealthy Affiliate is a good WordPress alternative, you must try it at http://joinWA.com.


One of the best things about Builderall as a WordPress alternative is its drag and drop website builder. This system is based on HTML5. However, you will not need any programming or coding knowledge. This system is user-friendly, and beginners may create attractive websites easily.

Builderall features an email marketing platform that provides you unlimited autoresponder campaign. It also has an animated video creator. It enables you to make your animated videos, which help promote your business, and it’s easy to use. The other features include the design studio mockups, heat map tools, lead capture tools, and SEO report tools.

If you like to try Builderall, you can join at http://joinbuilderall.today.



Best Wix Alternative for Small Business Owner and Affiliate Marketer                                

Are you searching for a Wix alternative to help you build your website? Wix is a popular easy to use website builder known for its robust eCommerce solution. Small business owners and affiliate marketers alike use Wix to build an online presence and sell online. For those who wish to explore other good options for Wix alternative, Clickfunnels, Wealthy Affiliate, and Builderall are some of the names you should check out.

What is ClickFunnels?

Russell Brunson created Clickfunnels in 2014 together with his group. From there, Russell has transformed Clickfunnels into a company worth $100 million annually. They also managed to cross more than 65,000 active members in August 2018.

At the core of Clickfunnels is the application for building sales funnels together with some bells and whistles. Clickfunnels comes in handy for building landing pages, membership sites, webinars, squeeze pages, and all types of sales funnels you could ever imagine. All of these are complete with downsells, upsells, and order bumps.

Thanks to the highest end Etison Suite Package, you also get the chance to start your very own affiliate program with the help of Backpack. There is also Actionetics MD that lets you switch to a new mail service.

With Clickfunnels, you can basically get all the things you need for marketing and selling your products or services online with no need to hire expensive developers.

Check out Clickfunnels for free at https://getcffreetrial.com.

 What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Different from most online marketing products available on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate is actually an interactive community made up of entrepreneurs who help each other out to earn money online. If you have chances of succeeding online, you must get as much assistance as possible. This help must be from industry experts, top earners, and online millionaires.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a platform to earn money, but also to learn more about affiliate marketing. The training offered for members are perfect for newbies in affiliate marketing. There are also lessons available for advanced and immediate affiliate marketers. So, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing, the best platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are interested on how Wealthy Affiliate works, try it at http://joinWA.com.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a kind of an all-in-one advertising platform, which is packed with all advertising tools you need for your online business. Rather than searching for every tool you require, you may find all of them in just a single platform.

Builderall got you covered in almost everything. Users can find analytics, click maps, autoresponders, real-time purchase evidence, website builder, landing pages, sales funnels, and sales web pages. Getting all of these from every platform can cost you not just hundreds but thousands of dollars. This isn’t practical if you are a business owner or you are just getting started in affiliate marketing. That is why you should never hesitate to check out Builderall.

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