Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

AWeber Features – Is That Software for You?    

AWeber is a simple and easy to use marketing and email marketing automation. It has been specially designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners send effective and targeted emails.

It has a drag and drops editor that lets users create automated campaigns and newsletters based on a plethora of HTML templates. AWeber also allows business marketers to incorporate their existing accounts for email marketing with different business applications. This then allows a seamless sharing of information across several departments.

The Campaign feature is among the most remarkable capabilities of AWeber.

This makes it possible for users to send out autoresponders according to the time and day — contact behavior, as well as tags assigned to the database contacts.

With the help of the tracking feature, a user can also keep a tab on the exact location of the contacts. In the campaign’s lifecycle and identify the attacks and emails that have the most number of activities. I have created the highest amount of unsubscribes.

AWeber provides a simple pricing plan according to the specific number of contacts in the account of the user. Every option offers similar features such as segmenting, unlimited emails, integrations, over 6,000 stock photos, analytics, automation, sign-up forms, image hosting, and over 700 templates.

Top AWeber Features

The key AWeber features include:

Responsive email design

– The emails from AWeber will be automatically resized depending on the particular device. The subscriber uses to view it, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Marketing automation

– Users can also automate the entire process of email marketing with the use of “if this, then that” form of logic. If the subscriber decides to click a link, AWeber can then be set into automatically applying a tag to the subscriber. These tags come in handy when deciding on the emails that will be sent to specific people and when they will be sent.

A/B Testing

– Aweber lets users compare variations in certain email elements to determine those with better performance. For instance, users can A/B test two different headlines to check the one that will generate a higher open rate.

Data Segmentation

– Users of AWeber can segment data according to the contents of the field in the database. User activity, such as visited web pages, clicked links and opened emails. This information on segmentation can be applied to hone further and target marketing strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

– Users can keep tabs on key metrics of the performance of the marketing campaign such as clickthroughs, bounces, open rates, activity history of the subscriber, sign up methods, and growth of list over time. These insights serve as a help to marketers for them to continually enhance their strategy through the implementation of effective tactics and tweaking those that aren’t.

HTML Email Templates

– Aweber provides over 700 templates of email newsletters, all of which are guaranteed mobile responsive.

Any user of AWeber will surely agree that these features are of big help to their business.

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