Sunday, May 9th, 2021

AWeber Sign Up – How To Get Started

AWeber is a simple email marketing tool that enables entrepreneurs and business owners to cultivate relationships with their customers. Since the year 1998, AWeber has been an email engine powering the growth of many businesses across the globe, including some leading sites and industry influencers.

At present, hundreds of thousands of agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and entrepreneurs are making most of the sophisticated segmentation, industry-leading deliverability, extensive template libraries, and live support of AWeber.

If you are ready for AWeber to sign up, you can get started with these steps:

Make Your AWeber Account

The first thing that you should do to get started with AWeber is to make your account. If you already have your account, it’s time for the next step.

Make Your Email List

Once you signed in to your AWeber account, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. The first thing you can do is to craft your email list. If you have your list that you want to import, you still have to make a new email list.

Make Your Email Template

If you like to make an email template that you may reuse with different details, it’s the section for you. Take note that you may also customize the templates of AWeber once you click the button for templates.

It is where you will drag and drop whatever you like to create your template. You may customize and modify the look and what content has in your boxes.

You may create a lot of email templates as you prefer. Just see to it that you save them all. If you create your messages, you may select which template you like.

Make Email Message or Newsletter

Crafting a message is like sending out a campaign. However, in AWeber, a campaign and a message are different.

Sending out messages is straightforward. You may either schedule a time to broadcast and send it immediately through clicking on the options for send and choosing what you like to do. After sending the message, sit back, and let analytics roll in so you may see who opened as well as read your emails.

Make a Campaign

A campaign is useful to automate sales pitches or email the list for a particular period. You have options for campaigns. Add people to campaigns when they’re added to an email list. You may also add people to campaigns when they’re tagged to be added.

Make an Autoresponder

An autoresponder is a follow-up email that is sent to your list. It may include any information you like. You may add as many follow-up messages as you want to send at a particular time after somebody signs up. Make sure that your content is of high quality.

Now that you know the ways to get started after AWeber sign up, you can visit to know more information. You can also get free training by checking out

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