Sunday, May 9th, 2021

AWeber Tutorial – How to Get Started

Email marketing has been proven to be very useful. It transforms how you communicate and reach out to your customers and prospects. AWeber is one of the tools you can use for email marketing.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is a simple and easy to use tool for email marketing. It gives entrepreneurs and business owners the chance to nurture their relationship with all customers. From 1998 to this day, AWeber has served as an email engine. It powers the growth of many organizations all over the world. With leading websites including ProBlogger and Social Media Examiner. Influencers in the industry like Ann Handley and Peter Shankman.

Right now, over 100,000 entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits, and agencies are taking advantage of it. The sophisticated analytics and segmentation capabilities of AWeber, its live support, industry-leading deliverability, and extensive template libraries.

What to Learn from AWeber Tutorial

An AWeber tutorial is an excellent way to get started in using this platform. Before you dive into using AWeber, first, you need to create your first-ever list. You might want to provide some details regarding your list, such as a quick description of the things. You will send and what the name of the sender should be.

After you have set up your list, proceed to add your contacts. It doesn’t matter if you have ten thousand subscribers or just ten subscribers. AWeber has an import tool you can use to add people who permitted you to add them to your email list. AWeber also has an excellent feature that is ideal if you have plans to migrate to AWeber from a different email provider.

In case you don’t have a prepared list just yet, AWeber tutorial will teach you how to create and design the sign up form then share this with your website audience. Don’t worry if you don’t have a website because the AWeber tutorial will also show you the way of sharing your form in person, on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

You can do this even if you don’t have a website.

Once you identify the person you will be sent to, of course, you will also need something you will send. AWeber tutorial will teach you how you can use the new modern templates and drag and drop email builder to create a stunning email. The tutorial also shares some insider hacks that will help you develop emails faster with no need to compromise your design.

Finally, AWeber tutorial will teach you about Campaigns, the email automation platform of the tool. You will learn how you should tag your subscribers and send them targeted automated emails according to specific actions such as the emails that they open and the links that your subscribers click. You can also start simply by delivering a mechanical welcome series of emails to every new subscriber.

Hopefully, AWeber tutorial will serve as a valuable introduction to how to get started with using AWeber and the world of email marketing as a whole.

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