Sunday, May 9th, 2021

AWeber vs. Convertkit – What’s the Difference?

Your money is found on your list. You have probably heard it thousands of times. That email list is practically among the few online assets you own. Even if you have millions of social media followers, you have to keep in mind that these assets are still under the control of the social media platforms. You have your account there, but you don’t own anything.

On the other hand, if you compare AWeber vs. Convertkit, you can be sure that both tools can help you better manage the email lists that you own entirely, not like those properties of social media networks.

AWeber vs. Convertkit – A Quick Background

AWeber is a mature and old industry player with more than a decade of experience. On the other hand, Convertkit is a newer competitor that joined the field a few years ago.

However, Convertkit has already made substantial progress, and the shift in the landscape of the industry, together with the email marketing evolution for the past years, has served the tool well.

AWeber vs. Convertkit – Fundamental Difference

AWeber used to be the gold standard in the industry for years, and a lot of people still believe it to be. But, there is no denying that the world of email marketing already seen significant changes over time and AWeber may feel as if it remained stuck in the distant past. Simply put, they weren’t able to adapt to the changes.

When it comes to AWeber vs. Convertkit, subscriber and list management is the main difference between these two. Convertkit describes its platform to be subscriber-centric. AWeber, on the other hand, is list-centric.

The Strengths of AWeber

If Convertkit has managed to adapt to changes, does it mean that AWeber is already dead? No, it is not.

Right off the bat, the entry-level plan of AWeber costs $19 a month, where you will get 500 subscribers. The second plan will give you a maximum of 2,500 subscribers, and this will cost you $29. The pricing of AWeber is what makes it an ideal option for beginner bloggers, small businesses, and affiliate marketers who want to test the waters of email marketing.

Meanwhile, it starts at $29 a month with 1,000 subscribers that go up to $49 for a maximum of 3,000 subscribers.

Aside from the price, AWeber is a notably mature platform serving more than 120,000 subscribers offering live phone support, chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also take pride in their reliable deliverability infrastructure with around 20 years of experience. Thus, it is safe to say that AWeber already knows what they are doing as far as delivering emails to the inboxes of your subscribers.

The battle of AWeber vs. Convertkit is a tough one because both have their strengths and weaknesses. AWeber is more mature but Convertkit has managed to keep up with the years.

Learn more about Aweber here at or check out for free training.

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