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AWeber vs. GetResponse – Which One is Better?           

When you know the differences between AWeber vs. GetResponse, you will be able to reach an educated decision when it comes to the best tool that will suit the needs of your business.

To get started, make sure you are familiar with what these tools can and cannot do.

AWeber vs. GetResponse – What They Do

AWeber and GetResponse are tools you can use to host your mail list, create compelling email templates, and send out e-newsletters to subscribers. These two also let you automate all your communications to your subscribers through the use of autoresponders.

Autoresponders are being used to send e-newsletters to subscribers at intervals that you set. For instance, right after they sign up, the subscriber may receive the simple welcome message. After a week, they may receive a discount voucher for specific products. After three weeks, they may receive the encouragement to follow you on your social media accounts, and more.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. E-newsletter tools such as these two let you do more funky things.

AWeber vs. GetResponse Features

AWeber and GetResponse provide the same core features with the main ones, including the following:

  • The extensive array of predesigned templates for e-newsletters
  • Ability to host mailing lists and capture data
  • Statistics on the percentage of subscribers that unsubscribe, click links or open your emails
  • Autoresponder functionality that lets you send your automated e-newsletters to subscribers at predefined intervals after signing up
  • Message builders that let you edit and create e-newsletters with no need for coding
  • RSS to e-newsletter functionality that lets you automatically send blog posts to mailing list subscribers
  • Responsive email templates
  • Integrations with different third-party tools or sites that let you add customers to the mailing lists at point of sale

AWeber vs. GetResponse Key Differences

GetResponse has several features that AWeber doesn’t offer. These are the following:

  • CRM functionality
  • Webinars
  • Autofunnels
  • Landing page builder
  • More advanced marketing automation

AWeber vs. GetResponse – The Better Option

GetResponse and AWeber both offer a good selection of tools that can help you communicate, maintain, and create an email database even if you might not be tech-savvy. The use of these two tools is simple and easy, and you wouldn’t encounter any difficulties when you use either one of them for managing your e-communications.

Generally speaking, GetResponse can be deemed as the winner in this battle. You can get GetResponse here GetResponse works as an all in one solution as compared to AWeber as this comes with notably more advanced features for automation. On top of that, GetResponse is also much cheaper.

However, AWeber that you can get here at also has an edge as this integrates without difficulty with more third party products. Unlike GetResponse, your monthly plan in AWeber includes phone support.

Until GetResponse addresses some of the issues associated with the tool, you can be sure to get emails that look better in the app when you use AWeber.

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