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Builderall Review & Pricing Vs. ClickFunnels – It is a Scam or Legit?

are you looking for a Builderall review and wondering if that software is right for your business, in this article, I want to share with you my opinion about Builderall and if it can be a good alternative to Clickfunnels

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An affordable and all-in-one marketing platform. Launched in 2017, Builderall has quickly established itself in the marketing software industry with its ease of use and the collection of functional features for online business owners.

This BuilderAll review provides an analysis of each feature in its two-tier pricing plan.

Below, each feature is discussed to determine if this hype is true.

At the end of our review, you should be able to decide if Builderall is suitable for your online business.

Drag and Drop Site Builder

Builderall has developed a drag-and-drop page builder, popularized by Clickfunnels, that combines with the competition’s ease of use.

You can manually create a landing page in minutes or use one of the templates.

Builderall sales funnel templates

All niches you can think of have been addressed in these models, which should attract new online entrepreneurs who want a quick and relatively easy start.

Mobile Responsive Theme

An important feature that any site creator (landing page) should have in 2019 is a responsive theme for mobile devices: the screen size should adapt to the device you are using. If a builder does not have this feature, change it quickly!

Builderall mobile responsiveness

For those of you who have been using Clickfunnels, these templates and the responsive website builder design will be familiar to you. Buillderall uses Clickfunnels as a source of inspiration!

App Creator

Builderall begins to differentiate their offer from their competitors with this feature of the application. Still using the drag-and-drop feature, you can create a complete application in less than an hour, which can be downloaded from Apple and Android application stores.

Only recently was the creation of an application a complicated and expensive process, which was invariably outsourced.

This builderall app creator gives the business owner the autonomy to create applications at a great price. Adding an application to your company’s coverage area will also add credibility, even if it includes only basic features.

As a site builder, they also offer templates for different niches. You have an application configured and published on the first day of your website. This Builderall application will not be the most sophisticated application you’ll see, but I would expect it to improve as this new business adds better features.

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Email Marketing and autoresponder (Mailing Boss)

Builderall’s e-mail marketing software, called Mailing Boss, will allow unlimited e-mail for up to 10,000 contacts with an autoresponder and an e-mail automation feature. This is available in your standard package of $ 29.90.

So how does that compare to its main competitors?

With Clickfunnels, you would need to upgrade to the Etison Suite Premium package to use email automation software for $ 297 per month.

The active campaign, for example, would cost about $ 111 a month for contacts of at least 10,000 people.

In terms of price, Buiderall is at the forefront.

Talking of functionality, Mailing Boss includes all the features you expect from modern email marketing automation software.

You can send highly targeted email campaigns targeting your audience by interest, or age. A feature known as Smart Segments will also allow you to target prospects again based on previous interactions with your campaigns.

As with Clickfunnels, there is a critical A / B test feature if you want to improve your conversion rates seriously.

BuilderAll also consists of an email template engine, much like the Page Builder. It enables you to customize the layout of each email in its sequence.

The template is pretty basic to start with, but you can quickly create a highly personalized email feed because it contains dozens of drag-and-drop features.

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Builderall Email Automation

One of the major concerns of any e-mail marketing software is its ability to send e-mails. How many of your emails reach your prospect’s inbox? And How many went to spam? How many did not even make the spam folder?

MailingBoss is new software, and there were problems in the Builderall community with emails reaching Gmail accounts. This usually happens when Gmail finds new software on a large scale.

Builderall has acknowledged this problem and has released an update in July 2018. User openness rates have increased since launch, but the problem persists.

Currently, starting in May 2019, Buiderall offers a contract – you can create a MailingBoss Lifetime account that will allow you to capture and send an unlimited number of emails forever!

They charge $ 50 for this lifetime offer. I do not know how long this agreement will last, so if you’re interested, you should get it as soon as possible.

Builderall Blog Builder

True to its vocation as an “all in one” platform, Buiderall also allows you to buy a domain and configure your website in your blog builder. This means that it is not necessary to use the WordPress blogging platform.

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Builderall Animated Video Builder Tool

Although Builderall’s animation video tool is an interesting additional feature, I do not think they see it as part of their main offering. The objects and animated characters you can choose are basic, and there could be more of them, but I think Builderall can add this feature on time. The loading speed could also be useful with the update.

If you want to create simple marketing and sales videos, this tool will do the trick and offer detailed tutorials to help you speed up.

Builderall Click map

Builderall’s click map lets you see where visitors click on your site with heat sensor animation. The more clicks a zone gets, the brighter the click map. This will let you see the popular links on your page and, more importantly, unpopular links.

Builderall Design Studio


From a brand and digital promotion perspective, I think Buiderall’s design studio offers a lot of value. The feature includes loads of template marketing image mockups.

You need to submit your logo or brand, and it will be inserted in the blue space. It is a really helpful and easy-to-use editor and adds a lot of credibilities when your brand receives a clean and professional marketing image for eBooks, blog posts, etc.

Builderall Presentation Builder

The Builderall Presentation Generator is not something I will dwell on.

The presentation builder is useful because it means everything is in the same place when you create webinars. It does not matter if you’re comfortable with Powerpoint or Canva and want to combine them with the Builderall webinar feature.

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BuilderAll Pricing Plans

Eric Salgado spent a few years and millions of dollars developing the most stable and robust Web site builder, marketing platform, and business model. BuilderAll is a complete internet marketing platform.

It helps people succeed in digital marketing. It has more than twenty thousand users worldwide. BuilderAll Business is the commercial program they use to sell the BuilderAll platform every day successfully.

BuilderAll prices are on three levels. The higher the cost, the more features there are.


  •  The first costs $ 9.90 per month. Here you have a domain and some certain features
  •  You pay $ 29.90 a month for the second package. You get unlimited domains in addition to all the features of the first package.
  •  $ 49.90 a month for the third package. Here you have access to all the features available and Business-In-A-Box.

You can also choose the annual plan. Compared to other platforms, this is one of the cheapest you can find. Feel free to try it because you have sixty days to test and make sure it suits you.

If you do not see any results or expectations during this time, you can contact them. The BuilderAll support team is always ready to help and available to help you and ensure that you follow the correct procedures.

A website builder with a complete email autoresponder system, an app builder and mockup editor will easily cost you over $ 100 because you will be combining different providers.

Builderall has everything in one place.

Builderall adds a Webinar feature, ready to go sales funnels and the option of promoting builderall as an affiliate.

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Pros and Cons of Builderall

The pros

  • All packages include hosting
  • Complete email marketing software with tagging + automation
  • Drag and Drop site builder for sales funnels and landing pages.
  • Provides a webinar platform with many features
  • A plethora of apps to improve your site and marketing funnels
  • Sale of digital products, such as courses or consultations
  • Marketplace to find relevant affiliate offers and sell your products
  • Payment Processing and Affiliate Management
  •  Reporting and monitoring tools
  • Unbeatable price for the number of tools included

The Cons

  •  The inconsistent interface on the platform
  • Few video marketing and design tools available
  •  Some applications have a higher learning curve
  •  No live chat support
  • No individual app would resist conventional competition

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Is Builderall a scam or legit?

NO Builderall is not a scam; it is as legitimate as possible. Builderall has helped thousands of entrepreneurs increase their online income. The exciting thing is that you can make money without having a website simply by clicking Builderall sales pages and order forms.

I recommend having your blog and website so that you can become an authority in your niche and generate organic traffic, but many people are doing very well without one!

By having a website and publishing content regularly, you can generate leads for your funnel pages.

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How about your support?

For a young company, Builderall is doing very well with the customer support structure. In general, the challenge for fast-growing companies is to track the flow of customer inquiries with new customer support teams.

The problems of the customers are often new problems that the young company has not yet met. It takes time for the support team to become effective.

Builderall offers a variety of options to combat this common problem.

On-demand video tutorials, Facebook support groups, and certified partner training are available here, as well as the standard ticket support system.

A user who is patient can find solutions to most Builderall-related issues without the need to contact technical support, and even when you do expect decent response times of about 24 hours.

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Builderall Vs. ClickFunnels – What is the best option for your business?

There are many competitors of Clickfunnels, and builderall is one of them, so can Builderall really replace


I have never regretted paying $ 97 or $ 197 a month for ClickFunnels. If they refused to charge me for a month, I would persuade them to take my money.

So BuilderAll comes from nowhere, and everyone starts by saying, “Why do you have to pay $ 97 a month if you can get everything (and more) for $ 29.99 a month”.

I was fascinated enough to open a BuilderAll account, find out exactly what you’re getting and gain experience with the company, support, etc.

After several weeks of playing with BuilderAll, I am confident to write this comparison of ClickFunnels Vs. BuilderAll.

Like everything else, it’s your choice!

So now you’re excited about using BuilderAll, and it’s only $ 30 a month. Why in the world would an entrepreneur prefer to pay $ 100 a month for the same features and MORE?

You would be a very poor entrepreneur.

Well, that’s one way to see it.

Another way to look is time.

For me, time is more valuable than money in a sense.

If something makes me waste my time, it is better to be worth it.

It is true that I use ClickFunnels for more than three years. I created several funnels and built more than 200 pages. I know the application very well.

BuilderAll has just appeared more clumsy. Trying to do impossible things, just so they can say, “Hey, we have everything you could want to run your business online!”

But what is the price?

I would rather pay $ 100 a month for the basics, something that works, that is fast and efficient, $ 30 a month for something very buggy, sometimes works and does the job at a slower pace.

So I recommended ClickFunnels as the best option.

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