What is Infusionsoft – Should You Use It?

With the countless business owners who rely on Infusionsoft for their marketing needs, some may wonder what Infusionsoft is. Do you need it for your business? Should you use it?

Well, Infusionsoft is used by thousands of businesses to save time, get organized, and grow sales. It is built for small businesses. Whether your storefront is on the physical street, online, or service on the go, this marketing tool can be of great help.

You may use its streamlined integrations to connect it with each third-party software you are using. Contact the tech support team of the company and use their advice to blend Infusionsoft in the corporate ecosystem.

You can also use Infusionsoft to map out every step of your marketing and sales strategy and automate repetitive tasks like follow-up. With this, you may scale personal relationships with the customers, enrich leads, and so on.

In addition to that, Infusionsoft lets you centralize every daily activity and customer interaction in one place, collect payments using a centralized system, improve your productivity, sell more online, and get new leads and turn them to customers.

Some Features of Infusionsoft

There are many features you can enjoy from using Infusionsoft, and these include:

  • CRM or Contact Relationship Manager

When it comes to Infusionsoft CRM, you will find two primary sections, and these are opportunities and contacts. The possibilities are available only if you have sales automation features.

  • Lead Scoring

It allows you to set up some system-side rules to determine if contacts are hot or not. The system should be set up by the user, and you will need to make a strategy around it.

  • Tags

These are where you will find how powerful Infusionsoft is. Tags allow you to get granular in who you would want to segment within your database. What makes tags beautiful with its all-in-one solution is that they can be applied automatically or be removed from contacts as they move through your sales and marketing.

Reasons to Use Infusionsoft

If you have doubts about Infusionsoft, here are the reasons why you should use it:

Your Customers are Smarter

You have to take note that your customers often expect better marketing. They expect personalized marketing, and if that is not what you are delivering, you may count on losing their interests fast.

Your Email Marketing Provider is One-Dimensional

There are lots of things you can pull off with much simpler tools. But, they are not as robust enough like Infusionsoft to scale your business.

You Should Know Lifetime Customer Value

During your yearly analysis periods, you must be determining what customers are worth to you. With Infusionsoft, the process is just a snap.

You Have to Track Your Lead Sources Accurately

One of the best features of Infusionsoft is its Lead Source tracking. You must look back and calculate new leads, customers, and revenues from particular Lead sources. This is vital information, and Infusionsoft can help you with this.

You Need Tools for Multiplying Your Efforts

You need to wear lots of hats as a small business. Infusionsoft runs the same way, and it’s capable of performing many complex tasks, so you do not need to. Remember that time is money.

It is always your choice to use Infusionsoft or not. If you like to know about email marketing and how Infusionsoft can help you, go to http://emailmarketingcookbook.com for free training.

Ontraport vs Infusionsoft – Which One Is Better

From design to features, Infusionsoft and Ontraport have in common. Both have a wide variety of marketing features into a powerful user interface. They also make it simple to set up an email marketing automation campaign. Both are made with the needs of every small and medium-sized business in mind. Also, both combine sales and online marketing with a built-in CRM tool.

In comparison to prosumer email marketing automation apps, Ontraport and Infusionsoft are a bit hard to use and can be challenging for first-timers. In spite of this, both tools are powerful for those who know how to use them properly.

What to Know about Ontraport

It enables users to make sequences to automate interactions with the contacts. The sequences fall in 2 general categories, which include Date Sequences and Step Sequences. The Step Sequences run like drip campaigns and could be used for welcoming new members or offer regular evergreen content and continue by increments of days. On the contrary, Date Sequences depend on date properties or calendar dates, which are beneficial for targeted promotions.

Ontraport also enables users to make custom landing pages that are tailored to the offered content to the recipients of email campaigns. They can also use the templates offers through the Ontrapages web builder. Aside from that, the platform offers direct integration with the accounts on WordPress to manage content for inbound marketing campaigns.

Ontraport also offers tools to make members-only WordPress websites where the subscribers may access gated content. It can be an affiliate center for viewing commissions they have earned through referrals. It may also be a customer center where they can view their account settings and purchase history.

What to Know About Infusionsoft

It provides its users with an attractive visual campaign builder. Oftentimes, competing for marketing solutions deploy a sequential list-style view of the triggers and actions. However, the bird’s eye view for managing campaigns makes modifying and structuring campaigns more intuitive than the standard in Infusionsoft. While each marketing automation solution entails a steep learning curve, it is easy to understand campaigns in Infusionsoft once you understand the basics.

Infusionsoft also offers automation through email marketing functionality. Users may customize campaigns with user-defined timed delays or triggers. Particular actions like website visitors joining the newsletter or getting a certain lead score might entail a particular kind of letter personalized with their details.

The Bottom Line

If you are one of those who are high volume email marketers with a growing startup or a big list, you will appreciate the power and flexibility of Infusionsoft.

If you are using email marketing with direct mail and SMS, you will love how simple it is to automate your multi-channel marketing strategy with Ontraport. Rather than sending postcards or some sales material to customers manually, you may automate each aspect of your campaigns.

Ontraport is also built for collaboration between sales teams and marketing professionals. Reminders and events may be added to its built-in CRM tool that is based on the email subscriber behavior. It allows you to follow up email messages with phone calls. Infusionsoft also has this feature, but the multi-channel automation of Ontraport makes it a standout performer for sales or marketing teams.

Both Infusionsoft and Ontraport are great tools for marketing. However, depending on your needs, choose the one that would benefit you the most. If you like to know more about email marketing, you can go to http://emailmarketingcookbook.com for free training.

Is Constant Contact Free? Things You Should Know

If you are planning to use a marketing tool like Constant Contact, there are probably several things that may pop into your mind. One of these is the pricing of the tool. Is Constant Contact free? Well, there is a free trial period that you can take advantage of.

The free trial version of Constant Contact provides you all of the features that it offers. All you have to do to avail it is to enter your email address and witness the results with your first campaign. This no-obligation free trial can help you determine if the tool is ideal for your business needs or not.

Once the trial period has ended, you have to subscribe to one of its offerings if you want to continue using Constant Contact.

What Should You Know about the Pricing of Constant Contact?

When it comes to the pricing of Constant Contact, it depends on which plan you require and the number of subscribers. The basic Email plan costs $20 per month for 500 contacts. Email Plus, on the other hand, starts at $45 per month. If you choose plans that are good for 6 to 12 months, a 15 percent discount is provided. For nonprofits, you can get a 30% discount.

Constant Contact Pricing Plans

  • Email Plan

It is aimed at solo entrepreneurs and small organizations that do not depend on email marketing solely. An email plan is made for those that send campaigns and do not want email automation and some advanced features. It is a bit expensive, and for that price, you can find other better tools.

  • Email Plus Plan

If you have over 10,000 contacts in your list, you will never regret the Email Plus plan. Automations and having at least ten users are the most useful upgrades of this Constant Contact plan. It is designed for more prominent organizations that require advanced Constant Contact features. But, there are still some smarter tools you can use for email automation and segmentation.

Online donations are another exciting feature of Email Plus, where you can create a landing page as well as collect contributions through WePay. Once you organize events, you will love how useful Constant Contact is. The reason behind it is that its system is ready to help you sell all of your event tickets. You can also keep track of the user registrations.

Other Things You Must Know about Constant Contact Pricing

Also, you should take into consideration is that you will not have unlimited storage for images and files with Constant Contact. Email plan offers 1GB, and Email Plus grants you 2GB.

Discounts are available once you purchase Constant Contact services for more extended periods. You will get 10 percent off once you sign up for the 6-month deal and a 15 percent discount for annual plans. Before locking yourself down with one of the long contracts, you can double-check if Constant Contact is best for your needs.

If you want to know more about Constant Contact, check out https://nicktsai.com/constantcontact/. If you like free training, go to http://emailmarketingcookbook.com.

Infusionsoft vs Hubspot – What’s The Difference

If you operate a marketing department or you are a business owner, you have probably encountered the different marketing automation tools. While technology offers something big, it takes due diligence to narrow down the choices and sort out the functionality and features that will bring a lasting change to your business.

Infusionsoft and Hubspot are some of the many marketing automation programs in the market. If you are confused between Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot, you should know their main differences for you to make a better choice.

Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot: Product Features

The features that matter to your business objectives is a crucial consideration. Do functions and features align with what you want to achieve through your marketing efforts? Choose the marketing software that encompasses features, which work best for your goals, company, and objectives.

Infusionsoft is a clear choice for businesses ready to step up to all-in-1 marketing, sales, and CRM automation platform. It is easy to use, and its marketing automation capabilities make it simple to create personalized follow-up workflows that might include email marketing, daily checklists, and so on.

All of these can be accessed in a simple interface with a drag and drop feature.

At Infusionsoft, all email templates are easy to use. They can be quickly optimized, launched, and customized on the fly. Its built-in A/B testing functionality compares up to 5 email variations. Infusionsoft has an email deliverability rate of 99.5% and an 83.25% 1-month average inbox rate. Through best-in-class email deliverability, you can be sure that your recipient would receive your marketing emails.

Hubspot, on the other hand, requires users to formulate sophisticated strategies and make processes within their CRM. They can also create marketing automation processes in a separate module. Users should build whole marketing automation from scratch in a separate module, which is a complicated process for technical systems professionals and experienced marketers.

Although Hubspot offers email templates, the designs aren’t industry-specific. And require users to have marketing experience and an in-depth design.

 There is no available data on the email deliverability of Hubspot.

It also separates its product into five categories, which include marketing features, CRM, service features, content management, and sales features. The categories do not integrate seamlessly. For instance, when users of Hubspot CRM add contacts, such contacts should end up in the sales hub. This doubling up of the contacts may increase the subscription contact tier pricing of the user.

Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot: Price Comparison

Since Infusionsoft focuses on small businesses, it offers a low-cost option. However, it charges every user when compared to the pricing model of Hubspot. Hubspot based its pricing on the package level and contacts purchased. It also offers a free version, but it’s limited in automation features. Moreover, HubSpot also offers sales, service hubs, marketing, and CRM that can be bought separately or bundled for lower prices.

If you are still confused between Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot, you can go to http://emailmarketingcookbook.com for free training to understand more about what you need.

Infusionsoft Training – How To Get Started

Infusionsoft is a robust platform that may be difficult to know where to begin. If you like to know more about Infusionsoft training, the good news is that there are lots of straightforward things to have a solid foundation.

Whether you have tried Infusionsoft or you are new to this kind of software, here are some of the things to know for you to get started:

Start Setting Up Your Dashboard

The first thing you’ll see after signing in to Infusionsoft is the dashboard. Your dashboard does not need to look the way it looks. You may customize it the way you want it to be. That includes pipeline stages, custom statistics, saved searches, daily tasks, contacts, usage stats, reports, and more.

Import All of Your Contacts

Automated email marketing is a primary feature of Infusionsoft. Of course, if the contacts are not in Infusionsoft, you cannot do much email marketing. If you have not done so, you should import contacts to your Infusionsoft account.

Before uploading your list, you have to ensure that it is clean. It means going through your list and ensuring that you have permission to email them that they have engaged with your emails. If they do not meet one or other criteria, there is nothing to worry about. It just means that you can separate those who do not meet the requirements in a separate list. You can place them in your re-engagement campaign in Infusionsoft.

Make Sure to Strategize Your Tags

When using Infusionsoft, you should know what tags are. Even if the labels can be confusing, you should see the concept of labels and how they work. The secret is they are not complicated, and there are lots of ways you may use them.

If you have mastered the basics of the tags already, it is now time to implement strategies around your tags. You want to be as deliberate and thoughtful as possible once you create labels. If you have been using tags for quite some time, but realize they have gotten a little messy, it is time for a spring cleaning. You should know how to organize the tags correctly.

Send Email Broadcasts

For those who don’t know about an email broadcast, it could be anything. It can be a seasonal sale reminder, one-time coupon offer or code or a regular newsletter. If you have not sent one yet, this is the right time to do it.

You have a regular design and a copy. It will not take you more time to send email broadcasts. If you do not have any clue about what you want for your email, it might take about an hour to send.

Infusionsoft is easy to learn and master. All you need to do is to know the basics to get started.

Now that you are knowledgeable about Infusionsoft training, it’s time to know more about email marketing. You can get free training at http://emailmarketingcookbook.com.

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