Monday, October 25th, 2021

Clickfunnels 60 day trial – Is it still True?

Building a funnel page is not cheap, especially if you buy the Full Suite plan of ClickFunnels. Somehow, you may look for ClickFunnels 60 day trial to know how this funnel build looks like and find out the features.

Clickfunnels 60 day trial – Is it still True?

Anyway, talking about ClickFunnels 60 day trial, does it still exist? Well, let us check whether ClickFunnels still offers 60 free tests for new users or you may get another choice.

ClickFunnels 60 Day Trial

What is ClickFunnels 60 day trial? With this free trial, every new member who joins ClickFunnels has a chance to get a free trial for 60 days. Unfortunately, the 60-day free trial is no longer available. Currently, ClickFunnels does not provide two months free trial, and you still get an opportunity to buy ClickFunnels and get 14 free trials. The new offer of the 14-day trial is available on every plan either Startup plan or the Full Suite Plan.

Getting 14 Day Free Trial

How to get ClickFunnels 14 day trial? Somehow, it is very easy to get this free trial from ClickFunnels. All you need to do is to sign up for ClickFunnels. You can visit this link to sign up for ClickFunnels to get 14 free trials. You can sign up with your email and then you have to choose a plan as mentioned. It is also necessary to enter your credit card number to use Clickfunnels builder.

Benefits of 14 Day Free Trial

What are the advantages of getting a 14-day free trial? Well, there are a few advantages of getting the ClickFunnels free trial. First of all, you can try ClickFunnels for free by getting a 14-day free trial. In this case, you can try Clickfunnels for 14 days. Secondly, though you are required to enter your credit card number, you may cancel the purchase at any time during the free trial just in case you do not like ClickFunnels and ClickFunnels will return your money 100%. Thirdly, you will get the premium features on a free trial.

ClickFunnels Plan Pricing

How much does ClickFunnels cost? Well, you still need to know the ClickFunnels pricing before you sign up for ClickFunnels free trial. In this case, you have to plan options, and they are Startup plan and Full Suite Etison plan. The Startup plan costs about $97 per month while Full Suite costs about $297 per month. If you want to get the entire features of ClickFunnels, you are recommended to choose the Full Suite Etison plan. You will also get Actionetics and ClickFunnels backpack for the Full Suite plan.

In conclusion, does ClickFunnels 60 day trial exist? Well, ClickFunnels 60 day trial is not available right now. But, if you want to get a free trial, you still have a chance to get a 14-day trial from ClickFunnels. How to get this 14-day trial? Anyway, you may click this link if you want to try ClickFunnels for free.

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