Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Clickfunnels Features – Why and How to use it on your business?

We believe that you have already known about sales funnels and how to create them. We discussed those things plus the tips in preceding articles. In case you are new, you can check and read them cautiously.

Clickfunnels Features – Why and How to use it on your business?

Sales funnels are very essentials for us to stay focus. It help us to do the actual sales activities at the right time.  They determine the action and time, on what and when we need to do the movement.

They have useful features, which keep you stay on track. We will explain sales funnels users and how you should utilize the elements for your business.

Sales Funnels User

Sales funnels are perfect for businesses which have interaction and engagement to increase sales, close deals and improve them. Some professionals who use sales funnels are:

  • Sales managers and professionals. They use sales funnels to plan the sales activities.
  • Marketing managers.  They use sales funnels to create a prospect experience that related to the company’s brand awareness. Furthermore, they start to establish stable relationships. As a result, they will get higher conversion rates.
  • Business owners and managers. Sales funnels build a relationship with people to make them become customers.


Now, we arrived at the most important thing, how to use sales funnels properly? You can use some features to maximize your sales funnels. They are:

  • Workflow Automation Tools

Workflow automation tools will help you managing sales funnel. It enables you to complete repetitive tasks in your sales process at every stage. For instance, in the Awareness stage, you may want your prospects to feel important after the first meeting. Hence, you send a “Nice to Meet You” email for them. You can use CRM to automate it. It saves your time and makes you able to meet and follow more prospects.

  • Activity Schedulers

Activity Scheduler is another way to run sales funnels. This Activity schedules will help you schedule sales activities and integrate them into your calendar. When you do this, you will focus on prospect engagement activities. They are also a tool to help you remember carrying out these activities.

  • Activity Reminders & Notifications

Activity reminders help you to administrate prospects through the sales funnel. How? It will not miss any important sales activities.

We know to create and optimize sales funnels take time and hard work. It has to represent what you want and what the audience wants. But, it is worth the efforts. You may get surprised, that even font choice can influence the result.

Do you feel perplexed about sales funnels? Then, it is better to ask a professional to get it done. There are many services, but we recommend you the best one. Clickfunnels is your ultimate answer.

You will be free from nightmares when you are a super busy person. What you need to do is sign up the free trial in Clickfunnels. It offers simplicity, time-saving, cash and lots of features. Most importantly, you can try them for free. Go and get it!



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