Does Clickfunnels host webinars? create a webinar with Clickfunnels

Advanced technology has significantly changed the way we learn nowadays. We can no longer rely on sitting in classrooms to get information from teachers or instructors. Internet connection can help to determine many things for sharpening our skills. One of the ways of learning via online is joining webinars.

Does Clickfunnels host webinars? create a webinar with Clickfunnels

Webinar refers to the web-based seminar. There a lot of activities through webinars. You can join presentations, lectures, workshops or seminars. Webinar uses video conferencing software to transmit all of the events for participants wherever they are. Webinars benefit you in many ways you don’t need to buy airplane tickets to other countries for attending a seminar. Just stay at home to join the workshop provided you have a good internet connection. Webinar platform is easy to follow and offers real-time learning.

It thus is understandable that webinars attract many people. This provides an excellent opportunity for internet marketers or e-commerce business owners. They can make webinars as promotion place, especially if you integrate it with Clickfunnels. So, how does Clickfunnels host webinars?

Integrating Clickfunnels and webinars

Before we go further on how does Clickfunnels host webinars, we would like to explain Clickfunnels, as well shortly. Clickfunnels is especially-designed tool online marketing. This is very appropriate for business owners and internet marketers to widely promote and lure potential buyers. Clickfunnels can create a fantastic landing page or leads that will direct visitors going to your online store website. The points contain sales page as the place where transaction should occur. Visitors can also utilize various payment methods in the sales page.

You need to firstly create a webinar funnel as the first step in the integration. Start by selecting Build Funnel from the Clickfunnels menu, or you can click on Add New from the dashboard. After that, click on Create New Funnel. Do these things in order: click Host, click Live Webinar and then put in the Name of the funnel. Then, pick a group tag whenever necessary then click Build Funnel.

Getting into the webinar-Clickfunnels part

After you complete the first part of the integration, now you can move to the second section on does Clickfunnels host webinars. There are two essential steps, here. The first one requires you putting webinar page templates. The second step requires you to set the live webinar time. For the webinar page template creation, you need to select a step in the webinar funnel. After that, click on the Webinar category, choose a page template of the same page type. During this process, you can edit it to be. As these are all completed, do the process for each step in the webinar funnel.

For setting the Live Webinar Time, begin by selecting the Webinar Registration step in the funnel. Then, click on the Gear icon, choose the date and time of the Live Webinar Event. The last step is clicking the Update Page. This will help you conduct a webinar in the future.

Those are our suggested steps based on the website of Clickfunnels. Hopefully, you can attract buyers, earn income and boost profit as people learn through webinars.

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