Clickfunnels how many domains can you host on it – Learn Customs Domains FAQ for ClickFunnels

It is normal that people want to make money online. What is the truth? Internet marketing is full of smoke and mirrors. Yes, particular things are not like what they seem.  You still have hopes, behind the curtains, sometimes real magic exists. When you can control specific values of selling, you can smash through whatever you thought to be right in the past.

Clickfunnels how many domains can you host on it – Learn Customs Domains FAQ for ClickFunnels

Keep in mind that you need to do it step by step.  In online marketing, you can use ClickFunnels to help you make your dream come true. Now, are you wondering on how many domains can you host on ClickFunnels? How can I custom the areas FAQ? The next few lines will give you brief answers. Let’s dive in.

Customs Domains FAQ

Before you custom it, there are terms to understand. Please read and comprehend them cautiously. These are helpful, especially if you are new to working with domains. Let’s check them out.

  • DNS. It refers to the Domain Name System. It helps determine where your web domains point.
  • SSL (Standing for Secure Sockets Layer). It refers to an online security certificate that keeps your domain and visitor information secure.
  • Root Domain. It refers to your primary domain without “www.” I.E., if your website is at “,” your root domain is simply “”
  • Subdomain. It is the next level of your domain hierarchy. In ClickFunnels, most of the time you will work with subdomains. The most popular subdomain is “www,” which will drive traffic to the root domain.
  • Path. It is the lowest part of the hierarchy and refers to a specific page on your domain. If we may give an analogy, finishing the domain phone comparison is like the particular phone number.
  • CNAME (Canonical Name). A CNAME record is used to map a domain. Your CNAME determines where a subdomain directs traffic. In other words, it’s like a phone company routing a specific area code to the proper area. All domains follow this format:

Domain quantities

Eventually, we arrive at the point where you can find the following question answer. If you subscribe on the $97/month Startup Plan, then you can have up to 3 custom domains in your account. If you have hundreds of products and do not want any limitation, there are unlimited custom domains. To get unlimited custom domains, you have to subscribe the Etison Suite’s $297/month plan. Nevertheless, you need to consider many things. Spending $297/month is worth it when you think you can get a massive return in the long term.

At the end of the day, ClickFunnels provides an easy-to-use system. It will help you build your landing pages in a super-simple user interface. ClickFunnels allows you to integrate email providers, payment processors, drop-ship point and many more features. Then, after you know how many domains you can host on it, sign in to ClickFunnels and get 14-day free trial! Grab it NOW!



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