Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Does Clickfunnels integrate with Paypal? Creating PayPal Button to Your Funnel

Who doesn’t know PayPal? PayPal Inc. has been revolutionizing payment sector since 1998. As e-commerce has been rapidly growing, this general payment method has got even more users. The eBay-owned private company has been popular in many countries.

Does Clickfunnels integrate with Paypal? Creating PayPal Button to Your Funnel

It has enabled people doing transactions quicker and safer crossing countries. PayPal has replaced traditional payment methods, such as cheques and postal money orders. This method has helped sellers to gain customers from all over the world.

If you have been running online stores and using PayPal, consider also applying Clickfunnels. Does Clickfunnels integrate with Paypal? If that question pops up in your mind, then this article will try fulfilling your curiosity.

Benefits of integrating PayPal with Clickfunnels

We would like first to put here what is Clickfunnels if you don’t know about it yet. Clickfunnels is especially-designed tool online marketing. This is very appropriate for business owners and internet marketers to widely promote and lure potential buyers.

As e-commerce store owners or managers, they are using the PayPal payment method is accommodating. This makes it easier for customers paying products or services that you offer. They don’t need to go the Automatic Teller Machine or banks to pay for the products or the services. Integrating Clickfunnels with your PayPal account will help you introducing more products and services for customers or visitors. This is possible due to Clickfunnels’ characteristic of directing visitors to Leads page of other products or services. We can call this third-party product integration by using other payment methods besides PayPal. We hope this point will answer your question on does Clickfunnels integrate with PayPal. Now let us go for the second important aspect.

Simple steps of connecting PayPal with Clickfunnels

After you find out the answer on does, Clickfunnels integrate with PayPal, here come the simple steps of integrating the two. First, you need to log into the PayPay account and click on Tools. Scroll down then click on PayPal buttons. After that, choose your button type, enter the item name, the item ID. The last two steps are required, and you can fill them with an ID number that you prefer. Later, you need to enter the price and complete other pricing details as needed.

Customize advanced features, add the URL in your funnel that you hope will be clicked by customers if they cancel checking out. Then, you need to add the URL in your funnel that hopefully will be checked by customers if they finish purchasing.

As referenced by Clickfunnels website, the next step is creating your product in Clickfunnels. You can start by clicking on Settings from within the funnel, go to the third-Party membership Access area. If you find difficulty, scroll to the bottom of the page. You need to click on Add Product to proceed. Mention your Product Name, select PayPal from the Billing Integration drop-down menu. Don’t forget to enter the Amount, Cart Product, Copy the Webhook URL and Click on Create Product.

The last part on does Clickfunnels integrate with PayPal requires you going back to Customize advanced features. After that, select the Advanced variables field, add notify_url=, paste the Webhook URL from Clickfunnels and lastly, click the Create button.



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