ClickFunnels lifetime account – does it essential to consider for your business?

Maybe, you are currently looking for ClickFunnels lifetime account to save money. In fact, Clickfunnels lifetime account is not available yet. Many web developers want a lifetime account because they think it is a great way to save money.

ClickFunnels lifetime account – does it essential to consider for your business?

Certainly, lifetime account can be a good choice, but ClickFunnels does not provide it right now. Is lifetime account something to consider for your business and how to pay ClickFunnels yearly for a big discount?

About ClickFunnels Lifetime Account

It is not possible to get lifetime account from ClickFunnels. There is always a limitation when you sign up for ClickFunnels. You need to pay usually for the ClickFunnels plan you pick. Anyway, there is no such a lifetime account when you buy premium funnel builders. You may use a free platform, but it does not look professional. Lifetime account is impossible for a premium plan. You do need to pay so you can use the method. Fortunately, if you choose ClickFunnels, there is a big chance to get a huge discount up to 56% off for yearly payment.

ClickFunnels Lifetime Account Alternative

Is there an alternative to get lifetime account from ClickFunnels? Somehow, there are some ways to get a lifetime account so that you will get a special discount.

The first alternative is that you may try the Funnel hack and obtain discount up to 56% off. If you sign up for Funnel Hack, you also have a chance to get 6 months free trial. There are 5 benefits that you will get from this Funnel back bundle such as 6 Week master class fro funnel hack that has value as much as $2997, SOAP Email sequence at $997 value, 6 months account on Etison Suite at $1782 value, Instant Traffic hack which is $1997 value, and Inception secret which has value about $1997.

The second alternative goes to a Secret Plan when you sign up for and buy the ClickFunnels plan. In this case, you need to create a free account to get the secret plan.  You can click this link to get the free account. Next, you will see two plan options whether you choose the Startup plan at $97 per month or the Full Suite plan which is about $297 per month. The secret plan offers you a huge special discount as much as $37 per month. With this secret plan, you can still create your funnels and set up the pages according to your wishes.

Suppose you want to get this secret plan, you need to cancel your ClickFunnels account despite it is not truly canceling the account. You need to conduct this action to uncover the secret plan so you will get the discount. Naturally, you can go to your account and choose account billing, then select cancel my account. After that, you will see some best deals available including the personal plan that has value as much as $37 per month. With this plan, you will have a chance to create 20 pages, 5000 visits, and 5 funnels. Or you can also get Boostrap plan that has value as much as $67 per month. You will get 10 funnels, 50 pages, and 10000 visits with Boostrap plan. If you want to cheapest one, you can select the Pause plan that costs about $9 per month, but you cannot edit anything with this plan.

Finally, that’s all about ClickFunnels lifetime account which is basically not available. But, you still have a chance to get a discount to save your money despite it is not a lifetime account. You can choose one of those plans above if you really want to try it.



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