ClickFunnels Monthly Cost – Why it Gives Value for Money?

We have to admit, for beginners in online marketing, Clickfunnels pricing seems pretty expensive. They think it is better for them to use such fund in developing strategies. Meanwhile, they can use a free platform, like WordPress. They save the bucks, learn how to optimize the pages and using its plugins to create funnels.  Their conclusion seems spot-on.

ClickFunnels Monthly Cost – Why it Gives Value for Money?

But, in point of fact, is their opinion right? When you are beginners, the answer is yes. It is when you have plenty of time to try and learn new things. But then again, it will be a massive problem for active businessmen or businesswoman. You have to deal with essential meetings, clients and have to travel around. It is a different case. If you are one of them, it is better to use ClickFunnels. We will give you some reasons in the next lines.


ClickFunnels is the software that was created to simplify building funnels. More often than not, building funnels need time, energy and cost. Furthermore, if we want to go deeper, we need a development team. When you hear “team,” you can imagine the weeks and dollars to spend. Keep in mind; it is only for a single funnel. What if you need more? The good news is, you can make the same funnel in minutes using ClickFunnels.


Clickfunnel, almost, has no close rivals. Clickfunnels builds a one package service. It provides complete features and services for customers. ClickFunnels automates the whole funnel building processes in simple steps. Believe it or not, slowly, it replaces the conventional marketing platform like email marketing programs and affiliate systems.


The more interesting is Clickfunnels uses its own software. Other rivals such as InfusionSoft or LeadPages use other companies’ software. As a result, ClickFunnels can improve and update it anytime. It also affects the final pricing. It sounds great, right?

Nonetheless, you may think that those are not answering your question. But we believe it should. As additional information, you can do extra things with ClickFunnels. For example, you can integrate with payment gateways, split-testing, and utilize an instinctual GUI to establish your pages. Next, ClickFunnels also allows you to create down-sells, up-sells, one-time offers, run affiliates, track analytics, the list goes on.

Please, think about your goal in using ClickFunnels. We are sure that you want to make money online, right? In our opinion, the target has to be more than $1000/month. If it is less, then it’s not worth it. The cost you pay will give you free time to do other activities. If it is not enough, ClickFunnels also serves you with email automation and tracking mechanisms.

As we previously stated, if you’re a busy person, then, it is definitely worth it. You will not lose the time and energy. You need to consider ClickFunnels as a time saver investment and not a tool. No more reason, grab Clickfunnels and get more money from your priceless business. NOW!



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