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ClickFunnels Pricing Plan and 55% Off Discount Secrets

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ClickFunnels pricing may be a common question folks raise regarding this comprehensive software.

They are seeking answers to that Clickfunnels pricing package they ought to purchase.

If you have read my ClickFunnels review, then you might be ready to pull out your credit card and kickstart with your 14-day free trial.

But before you do that, I’m going to show you how the Clickfunnels pricing structure works so you can select the plan that’s right for you and your budget.

Also, there are other products in the Clickfunnels application as well, that might inspire you. So I will like to show you the pricing for these described products as well.

I will review the various accounts below and additionally tell you of 2 secret accounts and therefore the solely special offer from ClickFunnels many of us are unaware of.

But first things first……

How Clickfunnels Pricing Works?

Clickfunnels Pricing

If you are taking a glance at the ClickFunnels signup chart, you’ll discover that they advertise two options.

The basic ClickFunnels plan is $97 per month, and you also have the Etison Suite plan which is $297 per month.

Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $97/month, but most importantly you have access to all the functionality of the powerful ClickFunnels software.

That means you’ll be able to build your sales funnels, landing pages, webinars, and membership areas.

However with the starter plan, you are only limited to 20 funnels, three custom domains, 100 pages total in your funnels and to 20,000 visitors per month to your landing pages.

You can have unlimited contacts.

With the smarter plan, you will have to get a third party email autoresponder service like Seva (formerly ConvertKit) or Aweber to integrate with ClickFunnels for building your email list and email marketing.

ClickFunnels Etison Suite

The Etison Suite is a full business package. It costs $297/month and gives you UNLIMITED funnels, pages, visitors, contacts and custom domains.

The Etison Suite Has Two Extra Features:

Actionetics may be a Clickfunnels pre-built email autoresponder service and the second —–

The backpack is an affiliate management programme through which you can create and manage an affiliate program for your business.

This is not similar to Clickfunnels affiliate program that you’ll be able to run with each plan.

Other than these two central pricing plans, Clickfunnels has recently introduced Actionetics MD.

This is not an individual plan. Instead, it’s an upgrade of the premium ClickFunnels Etison Suite package. This upgrade gives its users access to some of the cutting-edge features.

Difference Between The Two Plans

With the basic ClickFunnels plan, ClickFunnels restrict you to three custom domains, 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors.

This makes the basic plan best suited for businesses who need to build just a handful of sales funnels and make a moderate amount of sales per month.

The Etison Suite package, on the other hand, has no limits whatsoever. That means you can build as many sales funnels as you want and send unlimited traffic to them.

This makes this package excellent for folks doing a high volume of sales with their funnels.

Or prime affiliates who need to utilize the advantage of ClickFunnels shares funnel feature to add a bunch of funnels into their account.

That’s not the sole good thing about upgrading to the Etison Suite package. You will additionally get access to Actionetics that is ClickFunnel’s pre-built email autoresponder system.

Using Actionetics, you can build Action Funnels, which integrate directly with your sales funnels to send quick emails to your customers.

Also, you will also be able to make use of Backpack, which is ClickFunnels own affiliate system. So if you’re marketing a product, you can build your affiliate program and employ other marketers to help you market your product for a cut of your sales.

2 Secret Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels has 2 additional secret plans many of us don’t seem to be aware of

1. $197/month Professional Plan.

The first is the professional $197/ month plan. To get this pricing package, you have to contact Clickfunnels.

So the way it works is this:

Then, when your 14 -day free trial is almost up, you contact Clickfunnels Support and ask for the Professional Plan.

The Features of This Plan Include:

  • 40 funnels
  • 200 pages
  • 40,000 visitors
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Six custom domains
  • Also, you have to choose either Actionetics or Backpack.

If for example, you don’t need a Backpack, you can have the Professional Plan plus Actionetics, and that will save you $100 per month compared to the Etison Suite.

If you have got a third-party Email service and required an affiliate management system, you can use the Professional Plan with Backpack. You will not need Actionetics.

Cool huh!!

2. Share Funnel Plan $19/month

This is a concept you’ll be able to use once somebody offers you a shared funnel, and you don’t already have a Clickfunnels account.

One of the cool options of Clickfunnels is the ability to share funnels. With one click, a funnel will download straight into your ClickFunnels account.

If you do not already possess a ClickFunnels account, you’ll be prompted to open one which will return pre-populated with the shared funnel. Amazing!!

When you create your account through the shared funnel, one of the options is a limited $19/month plan after the 14 days free trial.

This plan, however, limits you to a maximum of three shared funnels.

You can edit the funnels. However, you can’t produce new funnels or new pages.

So, if you have a very tight budget, you can take my free affiliate marketing funnel for example and start with the $19/monthly plan, customize it and start monetizing it as an affiliate.

This package severely limits your ability to create more funnels.

To Start Using Share Funnel Plan, Simply Click The Link Below To Get My Shard Funnel

Want to Get The Best Deal with ClickFunnels?

If you plan to upgrade to the Etison Suite package, there are several ways to save quite a bit of cash… if you can invest a little more up front. you will get over $8997 worth of bonues for FREE

Funnel Hacks Bundle


The best deal on CilckFunnels is to buy Funnel Hacks. It includes an upfront cost of $997, but it offers you six months of the Etison Suite package for free.

This works out to $166.16 per month for the Etison plan, which is a savings of 44%. This is handily the best deal for ClickFunnels!

Not only do you save some money, but you’ll also get some additional coaching as part of Funnel Hacks including:

  • Instant Traffic Hacks ($1,997 worth)
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class ($2,997 worth)
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences ($997 worth)
  • Inception Secrets ($1,997 value)

Instant traffic hacks is the best bonus I like which not only covers some social media hacks, but also solo ads hacks, affiliate marketing hacks, inbound marketing hacks and more

Funnel Builder Secrets Bundle

funnel builder secerts

You can upgrade your funnel hacks bundle into an even better deal- funnel builder secrets

The second way to economize on the Etison Suite plan is to buy FBS (Funnel Builder Secrets).

While you won’t see as steep a ClickFunnels discount as Funnel Hacks, you will get some extra high-value training.

There are two choices with Funnel Builder Secrets. You can get it bundled with full years worth for $2,997 or six months of ClickFunnels Etison Suite for $1,997.

This works out to $332.83 a month for the six months option and $249.75 per month for the 12 months option.

As you’ll be able to see, you’re only really getting a discount on the yearly Funnel Builder Secrets plan. And it’s not as significant a savings as with Funnel Hacks.

So Why Must You Invest in Funnel Builder Secrets?

Because of all the extra training.

With Funnel Builder Secrets you will be obtaining access to:

  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 months access to Funnel Scripts

Funnel Builder Secrets

Whatever selection you make, what’s great about both Funnel Builder Secrets and Funnel Hacks is that you can renew them as soon as your Etison Suite access expires.

All you should try and do is reach out to Clickfunnels support, and they will handle this for you.

This means there’s no reason you should ever be paying the full $297 a month price for the Etison Suite plan.

Final Verdict

Clickfunnels pricing surely varies between the Clickfunnels Startup plan and the Etison Suite plan, with the Clickfunnels Startup plan costing $97 a month and the Etison Suite coming in at $297 a month.

However, as we have talked about in this write-up, many businesses and businesspeople will need the exceptional power of the Etison Suite, with the more basic Clickfunnels plans not offering them enough features or power for their funnels strategy.

Although you could claim either system depending on your needs and circumstances, it’s hard to argue with the versatility and raw power of the Etison Suite package, which is surely a cost-effective means of marketing at a mere $297 a month!

If you’re still searching for more information on Clickfunnels pricing plans, why not visit the ClickFunnels Website for more information today!

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