Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Clickfunnels vs woocommerce – Want to know which one is better for selling online?

The internet technology allows people to buy various product or service on the internet easily. Online shopping is easy as many online shops are selling the different product you need. Business owner and internet marketer who want to sell their product online, the can use shop builder to create the most charming online shop they need.

Clickfunnels vs. woocommerce – Want to know which one is better for selling online?

Clickfunnels and Woocommerce are famous shop builders that have been used by many internet marketers all over the world. Today, we are going to compare Clickfunnels vs. Woocommerce.

Woocommerce Overviews

If you want to sell your product online, Woocommerce is a useful web tool that will help you to create an online store you need. Woocommerce is shop builder that enables the user to create an online store easily. It is powerful yet easy to use shop builder that suitable to produce an online shop you need. Woocommerce offers primary e-commerce features that enable you to start your business on the internet. However, if you want to have an online shop with more features, you can download the free extension or paid one to make your online shop more engaging. This particular shop builder also has many exciting features such as:

  • Receive subscription and membership
  • Adding payment gateway
  • The real-time shipping rate
  • Make appointment booking and more.
  • Woocomerce also provides a free template that you can customize to suit your need.

Clickfunnels overviews

When it comes to shop builder Clickfunnel is the best among the rest. Creating funnel and online shop become easier with Clickfunnels. Clickfunnel is the most popular site builder that has bed used by many business owners and internet marketer around the world. It is a site builder that enables the user to create a professional site instantly. Lunch in 2014 by Russell Bronson Clickfunnels gains its popularity among the internet marketer as well as the business owner who want to sell their product and service on the internet.

More and more people use Clickfunnels to create many different purposes such as to run a webinar, generate leads, email marketing, sell product and many more. This is the best funnels builder that offers many useful features you need. Clickfunnels features include:

This will allow you to create a high converting landing page within a couple of minutes. Clickfunnels provide drag and drop feature that enables you to create your page quickly. You can use different page’s element available to develop the most engaging page you need. Additionally, you can choose many different templates to fit your business need.

It is the best funnels builder that allows you to create a membership site instantly. This particular funnels builder also allows you to manage your affiliate programme efficiently.

Clickfunnels also offer marketing automation and CMR management for all their customers. Marketing automation and CRM management are two Clickfunnels features that allow you to run your online business effectively.


Clickfunnels is the best shop builder available in the market. Clickfunnels offers many different features that allow you to boost your converting rate, increase your sale and profit. So, business owner and internet marketer who want to sell their product on the internet effectively, they have to use Clickfunnels.



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