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Since the launch of the Clubbell Athletics (CBA) system, it has become apparent there is a need for a product that can deliver the basic skillset necessary to safely progress the Clubbell Athlete. So many students and coaches have expressed interest in learning to work with the tool, but felt there was no road map available which specifically addressed the demands of beginners. Not everyone has the ability to attend classes/workshops, or work with a coach directly. And while no product can take the place of live coaching, CBA Foundations’ primary objective is to fortify the 7-Key Components of Clubbell Structure, and to endow the athletes with these attributes.

CBA Foundations is a Circular Strength Training® (CST) based system, which utilizes the tri-ring integration approach to training. In essence, each exercise is wrapped in a pre and post “work-phase” recovery period. The mobility drills prime and lubricate the key movers, while the cooldown poses decompress the major muscle groups to restore the tissues back to resting length. Each exercise has a complimentary activation drill to stimulate areas that tend to need reminding so that “cheating” with more dominant areas (otherwise know as overcompensation) occurs less often. The result is increased range of motion, less delayed muscle soreness/lactic acid build up, uniform/balanced muscle development, and improved postural awareness.

CBA Foundations has three levels in which each component advances in complexity and sophistication. The program is comprised mainly of slow grinds and presses that evolve into basic ballistic exercises and swings. It starts with static, grounded postures, and then moves into more dynamic, upright stances. All of the exercises in CBA Foundations are 2-handed, but varied. This ensures stability while developing the grip strength needed to eventually swing. In order to add torque and engage the Clubbell® in multi-planar swinging, one must first master the slow, controlled, linear exercise. Strength is best established when built from the ground up, inside out, focusing on movement integrity over brute force. CBA Foundations was designed with this core principal in mind.

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about Clubbell Athletics Foundations

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