Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Constant Contact vs. AWeber – What’s the Difference?

Constant Contact vs. AWeber is two of the most prominent names in the world of marketing automation and email marketing. They lend a helping hand to all types and sizes of businesses. For them to become more proficient in the creation of targeted emails. You are sending them an analysis of campaign metrics. And autoresponder set up according to specific triggers. You may find their functionality almost similar. It can be impossible to identify the right one for your business if you don’t have much knowledge about these solutions.

Read this quick comparison of Constant Contact vs. AWeber to learn more about what they do and what they don’t.

Constant Contact vs. AWeber – Product Overviews

AWeber is a robust platform for email marketing and marketing automation. It offers flexibility to small businesses when it comes to managing contacts. Setting up autoresponders according to day and time, and customizing their email templates. The tracking feature allows users to check the location of the connections in the campaign’s lifecycle. The campaigns that generate the highest number of activities or led to more unsubscribes. AWeber also allows business marketers to A/B test certain campaign elements. Identify the calls to action, message, or subject that works best.

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Constant Contact, on the other hand, is an easy to use email marketing and marketing automation platform that has several abilities like real-time reporting, event registration, and contact management. It has an automation feature that lets users schedule a series of autoresponders and distribute anniversary, birthday, and welcome emails to the recipients according to predefined triggers. Constant Contact also provides complete reports that show statistics on how many clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and forwards there are.

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Constant Contact vs. AWeber – Marketing Automation

AWeber gives users a simple and easy way to develop segment lists and autoresponders for marketers to provide their subscribers with relevant content. Business marketers also have the chance to create custom drip campaigns like a series of product launches, an online course, or a customer onboarding experience. Users can also assign a specific message number to every recipient and have emails sent accordingly that include customized messages.

The autoresponder functionality of Constant Contact allows users to develop an email series for the same clients and create targeted messages for recipients. Marketers can also send automated messages to those visitors who sign up for the newsletter or make a purchase. But, users need to wait for one day after new email contacts are added to the autoresponder list before it gets synced and updated for messages to be sent to new users. Constant doesn’t offer the option of assigning a message number to every recipient.

Constant Contact vs. AWeber allows users to arrange automated email delivery according to specific triggers. But, users of AWeber can designate tags to those contacts which can come in handy to identify the message that will go out to whom and when. Constant Contact lacks this feature.

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