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Diy Car Painting Auto Body Course – Great For Automotive Male Traffic discount & review

about Diy Car Painting Auto Body Course – Great For Automotive Male Traffic
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Hello! my name is Tony Bandalos,

I’m the guy behind probably the most popular step-by-step DIY auto paint and body program in the world. 

And for those of you who support me and in my cause, I thank you! 

I’m truly humbled by all of the amazing feedback that we get every-single day through our channels and from your emails pouring in…

To date I’ve helped more than ten-thousand people worldwide over achieve their dreams by creating high quality paint and body work through my exclusive VIP programs and courses.

Yes, I may only be 34, but I’ve already got 20 years of experience in this business. 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old you are when getting started in this…

All you need is a desire and the will to take action.

In fact, we have VIP members of all ages… literally, from 13 – 80 years young…

My first paint job at 13 years old and a

1967 Camaro RS that I restored at 21…

I started auto body and painting when I was 13 years old… 

I painted my first scooter (a Honda Elite and a 1988 Yamaha YSR 50) in the basement of my mothers house… 

I’ve also owned some pretty cool cars in my day such as a Olds Cutlass Supreme, 1969 Buick Riviera, 2nd Gen 1989 RX-7, BMW M3 E30, E36, W202 Benz, 1967 Chevy Camaro RS, 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1957 Chevy, Multiple 1st and 2nd Generation Mazda Miata’s…

The list goes on, but I don’t want to bore you here because this is really more about you than it is me…

You get my point, I’m just a total car nut!

Here’s a pic of that 1967 Camaro RS that I completed when I was 21.

It was an obsession. I loved that car. I bought it with the front sub-frame completely bare. 

It literally had no front end on it. 

I paid $1,500.00 for the car and let me tell you it was a BEATER. It had no engine, no interior and the body was BEAT. 

I then did a ton of bodywork and invested about $12,000.00 into it and sold it about a year for $21,000.00

I then used the money to roll back into my young business of buying and selling cars for profit and went on to double that investment.

This is something that you can also do if you have a love for the work and want to make some cash. 

Heck, why not right?

There is a lot of money making opportunity when you know how to work with your hands.

And this was the beginning of countless restorations and projects that I ended up completing over the years…

And yes, I started all of this at age 13.

A lot of people ask me… 

Tony, how do I get started withOUT running into the common mistakes and pitfalls that most newbies make when they get into this?

I’ll tell you how.

Just keep reading…

So What Does Bruce Lee Have in Common With Auto Body and Creating The Ride of Your Dreams?

My father owned and operated and auto body shop, and as a 12 year old kid, I would watch him work on cars…

One important lesson that I learned from my father.

He said: 

“Son, you need to WATCH at first…You can learn so much just by observing and paying attention to the process… 

don’t pick up any tools yet… just watch and understand why I’m doing, what I’m doing…”

He said: “Watch and learn from me first. Learn the A-Z step-by-step process and techniques from a single instructor…

Not from my partner, not from Frank, with the body shop across the street. 

Once you understand and get good at one style of teaching…

Then go out and learn from others to gain additional tactics and strategies so you can mix them in with your own. 

This way you don’t get confused and you know what the complete process looks like and how it works…”

Later in life, I started to have a fascination with martial arts and in Bruce Lee. 

I read all of Bruce’s books, I even enrolled in classes that taught the Jeet Kun Do style of martial art that Bruce later developed, created, and taught during his short life.

And what did I discover?

Bruce Lee did the same thing when he first started…


He exclusively studied one style of martial art before training in various other arts.

During his early teens, Bruce studied with grand-master Yip Man and learned the arts of Wing Chun.

After many years of studying a selection of different styles, Bruce then developed his own martial art called “Jeet Kun Do” 

You may have known or have heard of this…? 

The point is clear.

And this is what you should do when first starting out with auto body and paint. 

The key is to follow one instructor that you know like and trust. 

Then take and use their strategy and apply them to your own projects from A-Z.

I don’t care if you learn auto body from me, or if you decide to learn it from somebody else… 

I just want to help, give back, and make sure you avoid the many costly pitfalls and common errors that can happen to you along the way..

Heck, I’ll even give you a few names to help you out. 

You can look up Kevin Tetz, Donnie Smith or Ed Hubbs. They are all great instructors and have their own styles of instruction.

Some instructors teach by the book, and some from real world experience like myself and my friend, the legendary painter and founder of House of Kolor, Jon Kosmoski.

Fact is, I LOVE teaching others about this Awesome and Amazing skill-set because it’s just so fun and rewarding once you start seeing results.

It’s a way for me to help and impact the world in a positive way!

Why most auto enthusiasts choose us over other courses and why it would be wise if you did the same…

From an in-house VIP customer survey:

The reason why most people prefer taking our Learn Auto Body And Paint VIP Mastery Course VS other courses or high-cost technical trade schools are as follows:

  • Learn Auto Body VIP is a easy to use training curriculum which includes (videos, audios, and manuals) and is very convenient to learn from.
  • Affordable and best bang for your buck. The VIP members area is jam-packed with cutting-edge content that is worth thousands.

  • You get access to the lifetime VIP membership area with new content uploaded annually.
  • Get access to Interactive and access to live Q&A for VIP members.
  • Full access to a library of organized complete auto body projects to maximize comprehension.
  • Fun and easy to learn strategies that you can apply to your own projects.
  • You Save $$$ money and gain the Confidence, the Skill-Set, and the Results!
  • Student quote: “Tony’s teaching style is very easy to understand, even for a complete newbie. He gives you the confidence that you need to get things done. And he just talks to you like a friend”.

So when it comes down to it…

Nobody has actually taken the time to create such an in-depth and organized easy to learn training system that anybody could follow like we did.

What we offer is a bargain compared to some of the 1-hour DVD’s that’ll easily set you back $42.95 or more each.

We give you over 100 hours of detailed step-by-step courses. 

And that’s just the beginning of what you get when you join VIP…

I’ll touch more on this further down this letter when I show you all of the goodies that you’ll have access to once you make the right choice and join us in VIP.

So keep reading…

A technical college will easily cost you upwards of $10,000.00

, and that doesn’t include your personal time in commuting alone, and cost for additional books… 

As you already know, you’re probably looking at upwards of $500.00 easy, just for books.

So there you go, and I haven’t even got into the nitty-gritty of what this course can really do for you yet…

What I teach is proven to work. 

A lot of the people who sign up for our VIP program understand this. 

If you want straight real world strategies that work

…not theory, not basic classroom instruction that will bore you out of your mind…

This is it.

If you want step-by-step, actionable content that’s easy to understand and directly applicable to your project, then this is it.

You want results?

It’s guaranteed that you’ll get results and nobody else in the industry will make that promise. 

In fact, why would US and Canadian high schools invest in our courses?

Why would a New Mexico State Penitentiary use our curriculum to train their inmates on a specialized vocational skill-set?

Because it’s something that they trust and something that they believe in. 

They know that we have an outstanding track record in delivering what we promise. 

And it works.

It’s good stuff.

And if you think I’m biased, I might be because this is my product and I pride myself in delivering over-the-top value that you will definitely notice and enjoy.

In fact, just see what others have to say…

Don’t take my word for it. See what others are saying about the VIP course:

Tony’s VIP Student Testimonials – In Their Own Words…

I signed up for the VIP membership course and created the ride of my dreams! 

I got quoted $6,000 from a body shop to paint my 91 Chevy Camaro decided to do-it-myself, I signed up for the VIP membership course and completed the ride of my dreams. It came out so good, now I’m even painting cars for customers! If you’re looking to get out a good project …look into this VIP course and get on your way, Good Luck!  

-Cody Carson

The amount of top-notch information inside of this course is unbelievable!

Thanks to Tony and I went from an interest in auto detailing to not only making my cars and friends cars looking hot, but making big money custom buffing & detailing customer cars as well.

The amount of top-notch information inside of this course is unbelievable and is well worth the small investment!

Thanks Tony!

I recommend this course to anybody who’s looking to do anything with auto body and paint!

I’ve done The Research. I didn’t expect to get what I was getting out of it. The Program is Awesome! Everything is all Step-by-Step from a real live person showing you exactly how to do it.

I’m 30 years old and before this course have never tried anything related to auto mechanics and auto body and paint

. Since I’ve got the course I have been disassembling cars, putting them back together doing body work and painting. I recommend this course to anybody who’s looking to do anything with auto body and paint.

Steven Morris – Baltimore

Yes! Virtually all of my VIP students achieve their goals after taking the VIP course. But if you decide to go at it alone that’s completely fine, but I’ll have to WARN YOU…

You can really mess things up big time!

And you’ll be alone.

You won’t have a mastermind group

to get help from or share your ideas with…

It will be a lot harder.

Are you confident that you know how to mix your paints correctly?

Do you know what the best pressures are to paint with? 

Do you know the proper steps to prep a car? What sand papers you MUST use (it’s not what you think…).

Are you ready to paint your car withOUT knowing exactly what to do? 

Are you willing to do a job over and be willing to waste your time and money?

You don’t want to make mistakes like the ones you see below, do you…?

Paint reactions that you may encounter if you’re not educated properly

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about Diy Car Painting Auto Body Course – Great For Automotive Male Traffic

Discount Link: Buy Now

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