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Does clickfunnels integrate with WordPress – simple and perfectly works

Does ClickFunnels integrate with WordPress? Somehow, you currently have a WordPress website, but you want to integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress. Fortunately, there is always a chance to connect both of these platforms.

Does clickfunnels integrate with WordPress – simple and perfectly works

You can easily integrate ClickFunnels pages with WordPress according to your wishes. Is it simple and does it correctly work? Let us find out all about WordPress integration with ClickFunnels.

Reasons for Integrating Clickfunnels with WordPress

Why you have to connect Clickfnnels to WordPress? Anyway, you can actually use ClickFunnels entirely to build a website without any integration, but WordPress integration is an option. In this case, if you use ClickFunnels subdomain, then it is possible to integrate it with WordPress. There is no big issue to use ClickFunnels domain, but if you want to own the entire pages, you can try the integration. In a particular case, some of the people do not want to connect ClickFunnels to WordPress because they are afraid of getting the issue when ClickFunnels plugin is getting updated.

Steps to Integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress

As it is mentioned before, connecting ClickFunnels to WordPress is quite simple. The first thing that you have to do is to build your pages on ClickFunnels. In this case, you need ti to sign up on ClickFunnels to build your website. After you are ready with your ClickFunnels pages, then you can run your WordPress website as an admin. Now, you need to install a ClickFunnels plugin. Directly, you can go to Plugins and select “Add New Plugin.” You can search for ClickFunnels plugin and then fix it on your WordPress site. Eventually, you can see ClickFunnels plugin installed on your WordPress site. Next, you only need to connect both of these platforms.

You can open your Clickfunnels account and head to Account detail. Then, you are required to copy WordPress API Key to WordPress. You can click the left menu and choose ClickFunnels. Next, you can paste the key to Authentication token, and then add email of your Clickfunnels account and then save.

After that, you can go to general setting to determine how the ClickFunnels pages on WordPress will look like. You can choose between these three options, Re-direct to ClickFunnels, Embed Full page iFrame, or Download and Display. At last, you may include tracking codes like Facebook, Analytics, and much more. Finally, you can click “Save, and you are ready to create a page because they are already connected.

Creating a WordPress Page using ClickFunnels Pages

How to create a WordPress page based on ClickFunnels? Since your ClickFunnels account is already connected to WordPress, you can just easily create your first page. , you can select Pages and click “Add New”. Then, you need to choose the type of the page whether you prefer regular page, home, or 404 pages. After that, you can go on and select your funnel from the ClickFunnels and type in your custom slug. In the end, you can just click Save.

In conclusion, does ClickFunnels integrate with WordPress? Well, as you can read the steps above, it is straightforward and easy to integrate ClickFunnels with WordPress. Now, you can use ClickFunnels to build your WordPress site and get the entire features of ClickFunnels as you wish.



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