Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Drip vs AWeber – Which One Is Better

AWeber used to be a popular email service provider used by many bloggers, and while it is still reasonably known today, it has surpassed feature-wise by some ESPs.

On the other hand, Drip is a relative newcomer in the world of email marketing and known for its exceptional automation capabilities. In 2016, the company was bought by Leadpages, and it’s now under a new umbrella.

But, between Drip vs. AWeber, which is better for your needs?

Why Choose Drip?

The are many reasons you should use Drip over AWeber is because it has a single database of contacts. Every time you have to send a follow-up email or broadcast, you can segment it using events and tags.

For those who don’t know, tags are more text descriptions that you may attach to contacts. These can help you describe them quickly. Events, on the other hand, are more powerful. They are similar to tags, but they record the data. In addition to that, they keep track of the events that occurred.

Drip enables you to add events or tags through various triggers, including visiting pages on your website or clicking links.

Some of the advantages of using Drip over AWeber include the following:

  • Does not charge for duplicate subscribers and people who unsubscribed
  • Track the behavior of the subscribers on your website and use them as the trigger for automation
  • Being able to add conditional logic in the emails so you may show some content a set of subscribers and some content to another set
  • 1-click resend emails to contacts that didn’t open the original email
  • Begin from the email blueprints that are ready to use for your email campaigns

Why Choose AWeber?

Although Drip has better features than AWeber, it does not mean that you should always go with Drip. While Drip ultimately beats AWeber in terms of features, there are times that AWeber may come in handy.

Making complex email workflows may be complicated. There are lots of various concepts to wrap your head around. It can be overwhelming for others, particularly if you’re not technical.

If your business does require automation, AWeber is an excellent option. It can be helpful if you want to set up a sequential autoresponder series as well as send out an occasional broadcast. In such cases, AWeber is a better tool than Drip. Aside from that, AWeber has a low learning curve.

If your budget is tight, there is also nothing to worry about using AWeber. When it comes to cost, Drip is more expensive than AWeber.

The Bottom Line

Automations may really help you segment emails and give more targeted messaging to your subscribers. If you like to leverage the power of automation to your email marketing efforts, you can go with AWeber and Drip.

If you are more interested in AWeber than Drip, check out to know more information. You can also get free training at

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