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Each Way Doubles discount & review

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Members are making profits month on month…

Jonathan joined back in Febraury and has made over £7,400 profit so far…

Harry has only been a member for just over 2 months and made over £5,200 profit…

Philip joined just last month and has hit over £2,000 profit!

Do you want to know how just ONE bet per day can make over £2,600 profit in a single month?

Hi, I’m Chris Dodson and this is exactly what I have done through Apri 2021l.

You can see all my winning betslips for the month below but first I want to explain why I bet the way I do…

Every day I look at the full list of races on offer, I make my picks and then narrow down the selections to get my best 2 value selections.

I’m not the sort of guy who will tell you to back a favourite, for me betting is about making big profits.

With these 2 selections I place 1 bet, an EACH WAY DOUBLE.

This limits the amount I stake each day to just 2pts. Never more, never less. Just 2pts per day and I made over £2,600 profit using £10 stakes. So each day I risk £20 and nothing more.

Seeing regular returns is key in betting, waiting for big returns can sometimes take time, so having returns on a regular basis keeps the bank in place. This is why I go each way.

In April I placed 26 bets. That’s 26 bets at £20 outlay, so a total outlay for the month of £520, here’s all the returns I saw…

£3,192.20 Returned, £520 Staked

£2,673.20 PROFIT!

As you can see, from the 26 bets I palced, I saw returns on 11 of them. 42.3% were profitable and that was enough to ensure a profit of over £2,600.

How much can you make with my tips?

If you bet like me, you will see the same profits. When choosing my stakes I look at the week as a whole, ideally I wanted to bet no more than £100 per week, but rather than betting just 5 days at £20 per day or placing £8.30 each way bets I decided I could stretch to £120 per week to place a £10 each way bet each day.

I advise my bets as 1pt Each Way, so £10 is one point for me, I stake 2pt per day and I use a 100pt betting bank. Through April I staked 52pts of this bank and made a profit of 267.32pts.

You can use these totals to work out how much profit you would make depending on what you are going to stake on the bets. For example, £5 per point would mean:

  • £5 x 12 (6 x 1pt each way bets) = £60 max outlay per week
  • £5 x 100 (100pt advised bank) = £500 total betting bank
  • £5 x 267.32 (profit made in April) = £1,336.60 profit

Just replace the £5 with what amount you want to use per point and you will see what you need to get started, how much you will risk per week and how much profit you can make in a month.

Here’s what my members have to say…

You can join my sevice and get today’s bets.

I’m offering a 60 day membership of the service for just £47

This is to allow you to stake what you are comfortable with in the first month and then give you the opportunity to increase your bets for the second month. Members have done this in the past…

You can increase staking at any point, just make sure you have the 100pt bank required. If you bet at small stakes for a week and decide you want to increase them, this may mean adding more to your bank. Alternatively you can use the profits we make to increase the stakes at the end of each month.


One payment of £47 gets you access for the next 60 days.

[30 day full money back guarantee included]

This is a one time payment.

To a PROFITABLE 60 days.


Chris Dodson

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about Each Way Doubles

Discount Link: Buy Now

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