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Fit-Life Cells are connected to things like weight gain, lack of motivation, lower energy, and guilt.

And more than that, the brain and body are REALLY connected.

When I experience things like stress or trauma… there’s a decrease in the number of Fit-Life Cells in our hippocampus.

I told her I was understanding and to go on.

“Remember when I started and was talking about neurogenesis?

Well that’s a fancy term for your body making MORE Fit-Life Cells.

See, we LOSE Fit-Life Cells every day.

So neurogenesis is the process responsible for making sure we have the right amount of Fit-Life Cells in our hippocampus.

We’re losing and gaining Fit-Life Cells all the time.

Neurogenesis keeps us at the right equilibrium.

When I say that stress and trauma decrease the amount of Fit-Life Cells in your hippocampus…

What I mean is that stress and trauma SLOW down neurogenesis.

Which means that as we lose Fit-Life Cells… 

neurogenesis isn’t able to keep up.

And what things like stress and trauma do… are decrease the rate of neurogenesis.”

She was telling me that we lose Fit-Life Cells every day…

But we’re also gaining them through neurogenesis.

And things like stress and trauma decrease how fast neurogenesis can produce Fit-Life Cells.

I told her to keep going, that I was with her so far.

“So the obvious solution to this is to get MORE Fit-Life Cells into our hippocampus…

By increasing how fast neurogenesis makes replacement Fit-Life cells.

Which brings the obvious question…

“How do we do that?”

I was starting to understand something as complicated as brain chemistry.

A freight train could have come crashing into that coffee shop.

I wouldn’t have noticed.

I needed the answer. I told her to keep going.

“Aerobic activities like running, riding a bike, swimming…All increase the rate of neurogenesis.”

Great! I just needed to work out more. Again.

But! Here’s the thing.

And this is what the fitness industry has been missing out on…

Exercise DOES increase the rate of neurogenesis.

And that’s pretty obvious.

Everyone knows that you feel better after a workout…

But that is where most people stop.

Maybe you’ve noticed…

The “feel-good” that you get after a workout is short lived.

That amazing feeling doesn’t last.

See, while exercise DOES increase the rate of neurogenesis…

Giving you more Fit-Life Cells in your hippocampus…

Exercise alone doesn’t give you the RIGHT kind of Fit-Life Cells.

And THAT is where things get exciting.

Newly formed Fit-Life Cells haven’t grown enough to be considered ‘mature’.

Because of this… they have a short life span.

And this should make sense.

What you need is a two part solution.

You need to increase the rate of neurogenesis…

Which exercise does for us.

But we need something more…

Something that I’ve found…

That will take the new Fit-Life Cells and mature them.

So that they have a longer life span.

Giving you that amazing feeling, but one that doesn’t go away.

One that continues to build.

And when we combine exercise with the next thing that I’m about to tell you about…

Your worry about:

Weight gain…

Lack of motivation…

Lower energy…

Feelings of guilt…

Gone. Something you used to struggle with…but not anymore.

I was hooked…

I experienced stress in my everyday life…

Trauma was something I had experienced when I was younger.

I couldn’t believe she was explaining exactly the situations I had gone through!

And she told me that as we experience more stress and more trauma…

The symptoms get worse.

Oh my god…

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about Empowered & Fit In 5- New Breakthrough Weight-loss & Success

Discount Link: Buy Now

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