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Fire Alarm Design Guide discount & review

about Fire Alarm Design Guide
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In this book you will learn about:

Fire alarm system components & theory of operation

All fire alarm system parts and detectors types and how they work

Fire alarm system Design

Detection types and their suitable application.

How to design a fire alarm system

Fire alarm system connection types.

Errors in designing a fire alarm system.

Fire alarm system installation

How to install a fire alarm system

What are the system installation types?

What are the installation recommendations?

Fire alarm maintenance & testing

How to test a fire alarm system? (Procedures and steps)

What are the types of tests?

What are the test tools?

What are the false alarms and how to avoid them?

Table of Contents:

Fire alarm system introduction (9)

Chapter 1: Fire alarm system components & Theory of operation

Fire alarm system components and parts (16)

Heat detection parts & methods (22)

Smoke detection parts & methods (39)

Flame Detectors (48)

Fire alarm notification devices (50)

Chapter 2: Fire alarm system Design

Conventional fire alarm system (55)

Addressable fire alarm system (63)

Comparison between conventional & addressable fire alarm systems (68)

Design of Spacing and Placing of Fire Alarm System Parts (70)

Errors in installation and recommendations (91)

Detection type selection recommendations and applications (99)

Chapter 3: Fire alarm system installation

Types and specifications of fire alarm cables (101)

Ordinary cables systems (107)

Fire Alarm system infrastructure (108)

Cabling and basic electricity design (112)

IP network fire alarm system (115)

Cables installation recommendations (126)

Wireless fire alarm systems (132)

Hybrid fire alarm systems (147)

Bonus Chapter: Fire alarm Maintenance & testing

Tools for testing fire alarm system (155)

Fire Alarm System Testing and maintenance procedures (163)

Testing and maintenance Login access levels (174)

False Alarms (175)

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about Fire Alarm Design Guide

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