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Funnel Builder Secrets Review- Pricing , Masterclass Webinar And Lite

Are you looking for Funnel Builder Secrets Review and wondering if you should upgrade it ? if so , this article is what you exactly need.

Since it is impossible these days to mention ClickFunnels without talking about what Funnel Builder Secrets entail, there is no doubt that Funnel Builder Secrets is no stranger to you.

One of these two things have brought you here to our site: Either you want to sign up to Funnel Builder Secret on ClickFunnels, or you are considering upgrading to Funnel Builder Secrets as an already ClickFunnels subscriber. Whichever reason, this is the right place to be.

Has anyone discussed this package with you or have you ever encountered a message on this plan that you decided to create a deep discovery of what is the secret constructor of Funnel?

No doubt I will do it before investing my money in a service I have never tested.

So we have written this article to help you configure everything you want to know about the Funnel Builder Secrets. This article explains what the Funnel Builder Secrets and Pricing Plans are.

Sit down, relax and read.

 Funnel Builders Secrets Review

Funnel  Builder Secret has been the most effective way to learn funnel marketing. Russell Brunson organized this course by mixing all his colors. There are all the necessary components to learn funnel marketing in this area. The Secret Builder Funnel has caught the attention of many people. Everyone searches on the Internet to find out what is included and what the benefits are.

In our analysis, you will find that we have planned answers to all the questions you have about this program. Let’s talk about the pricing plan, features, advantages, and disadvantages of the course. After reading this review, you will no longer be confused as to whether or not to use the package.


Who created the Funnel Builder Secrets?


The Funnel Builder Secrets was only created by Russell Brunson. If you’ve spent some time in the world of online marketing, you’ve probably heard of the name Russell Brunson. This CEO is known as the founder of the successful Clickfunnels SaaS (software as a service). His business has an annual turnover of more than $ 30 million, which represents a value of approximately $ 360 million.

What is more surprising at Russell Brunson is that he created Clickfunnels without any external venture capital funding. This means that Russell Brunson owns most, if not all, of this $ 360 million company. Some may find that $ 360 million is in Brunson’s equity. However, ClickFunnels is a private company, and this $ 360 million value cannot be considered a final value.

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What does the Funnel Builder Secrets mean?

The FBS Training by Russell Brunson

Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar is a complete training program and software bundle which included everything you need in funnel marketing. ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson has launched this program to teach funnel marketing. Through this training, a novice marketer can easily gain sufficient knowledge of the various branches of funnel marketing. And will be able to improve existing knowledge to be more productive. In this course, Russell Brunson himself will teach everything.

Also, you will receive many free bonuses and subscriptions for ClickFunnels with this training course. Also, you will have access to many other ClickFunnels programs. You will think that you have landed in the world of funnel marketing knowledge. The Funnel Builder Secrets are one of the best ways to learn funnel marketing online.

The goal of the Funnel Builder Secrets package is to help create 2 comma club winners. As a winner of a two-comma club, you will receive your personalized card that will be delivered to you. However, you will even have a replica of this embellished award at Clickfunnels headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Pretty cool, huh?

The main coaching is the Funnel Builder Secrets, which I’m only worth for thousands of dollars. Because it will help you every step of the way from offer to launch. But that’s not all.

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What will you be thought of this training course?

If you want to purchase something, you will want to know what is available to learn from it. We present to you all the details of what can be learned in the Funil Builder Secrets training course.

You will discover the simplest process for ten times your business with one year.

Do you want to expand the business faster? Then you can participate in this course. Russell Brunson will teach you how to grow your business ten times in just one year.

Ethically steal all potential customers in the market and immediately outperform their competitors

In this program, you will learn to lead the customers of their competitors ethically towards their customs. Russell will give you advice that you will not have to take other customers unethically. This will increase your sales conversion rate too high.

The biggest customer wins the customer.

You will have special coaching on how to spend money to win buyers. So, to learn well, the course will be very effective for you. Russell will receive many useful tips on this subject.

Discover the best way to spy on the funnel of your rivals

Russell must help you determine which funnels your competitors, their audience, target, and budget, etc., use. He created the effective spying formula for competitors. You can easily clone your funnel using your competitor’s spying formula.

The perfect way to find the funnel

You will be trained to know which funnel is appropriate for your business, which specific funnel will work for you and all. By learning this, you can also find an ideal funnel for your company. And without the ideal funnel, funnel marketing is not beneficial. So, to succeed in your expertise, you must learn to find the perfect funnel of this course.

Specific research on the business funnel

Some companies are very specific. Common sales funnels will not work for them. Then you must select an appropriate funnel for that business after the search. In the secrets course of the funnel builder, Russell will teach the funnel in search of specific companies. This will create a personalized funnel and increase the sales of the company.

Find out how to find the best seller

Russell explained in this course how to find the bestseller. You can not sell anything if you want. For this, you need the help of an experienced marketing professional. But how would you discover the best seller? Although you do not know it, Russell knows it. Then he will train you well on this subject.

Discover the frequent customers of your competitors.

Who are the frequent customers of your competitors and where do they come from? To find out, you must take this course. Russell will explain all this through the webinar. If you can divert the regular customer from a competitor to you, you will also have frequent sales. So, to increase sales, focus on the frequent customer separately.

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Price of the funnel Builder Secret

Now is the time to discuss how much Funnel Builder Secret costs. Seeing the price, you may think that it is very expensive. But when you get bonuses and access other programs, you will feel lucky. Indeed, Russell Brunson gives a lot of things at a low price. Currently, they enroll in this course through 3 packages. The cost of the three packages is given below.


Basic Plan costs 1997:

If you purchase this plan, you will have free access to the ClickFunnels account for six months. This means that you can use ClickFunnels for six months. Also, you will receive more bonuses from what we mentioned above.

The Second plan costs $ 2997:

after registering for this package, you will have free access to the ClickFunnels account for 12 months. This means you do not have to pay extra fees to use it for 12 months. As a bonus, there will be many more precious things.

The third plan costs $5997:

By signing this program, you will have free access to ClickFunnels for 12 months. Also, all the benefits of the first two packages are available here. You will also receive the coaching course in 8 clicks, which will be offered free of charge. The cost of the ClickStart Coaching Program is $ 9997. You now understand that you will have many benefits by spending only $ 5,997.

Here are the questions you should ask now:

  • Why is there only a difference of $ 1,000 in six months between the foreground and the bottom?
  • What do these bonuses imply?
  • Why is there so much difference between the background and the third plane?
  • Are these costs worth it?
  • What do coaching calls mean from +8 Clickstart?
  • Okay, I realize that clarity is needed here …

… that’s what we’re going to cover shortly.

Let’s start with the bonuses.

The first plan,

below are what you get after subscribing to the $1,997 lite plan:

  • Funnel hacks masterclass, worth $1,997
  • You get six months full ClickFunnels Enterprise plan that is worth $1,782
  •  Funnel Builder Secrets training, worth $997
  • 12 months of funnel scripts, worth $497
  • Traffic Secrets complete membership, worth $1,997
  •  30-day money back guarantee
  •  Unlimited Funnels Bonus

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Second Funnel Builder Secrets plan,

below are what you get after subscribing to the $2,997 plan:

  • Funnel hacks masterclass which is worth $1,997
  • one year of ClickFunnels Enterprise plan which is worth $3,564
  • Plus Funnel Builder Secrets training, worth $997
  • Also, twelve months of funnel scripts, worth $497
  •  30 days money back guarantee
  •  Traffic Secrets complete membership, worth $1,997

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Last but not least,

the Funnel Builder Secrets plan which costs $5,997, you get:

  • 12 months Enterprise account to ClickFunnels
  • +8 ClickStart coaching calls, worth $9,997. What?!! Affirmative, believe it.
  • Funnel hacks masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets membership
  • Funnel Builder Secrets training
  • 12 months full access to Funnel scripts
  •  30-day MBG
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

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Much more…

So, as you can see, this offer would not just give you access to ClickFunnels software, so you can be lost with what to do in 6 to 12 months.

But instead, it contains a lot of things that can guarantee the construction of the Million Dollar “dream” funnel and you become the 2comma club and your brilliant GOLDEN award!

What is the sincere wish of all … like me!

The second plan becomes a plan with the most effective cash value if you solicit from me because you receive an additional six months’ worth $ 1,782 for $ 1,000.

And also, the same things you can get in the third plan ($ 5,997) plus the eight ClickStart Coaching calls that can be a compromise offer if you feel like you want Russell’s one on one coaching and training sessions.

In case you speculate on all these bonuses and this training …

(…) Let’s see what you have to gain and how they will help you reach the $ 1 million sales mark, using a single funnel.

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Let’s calculate how much you will save if you purchase the Funnel Builder Secrets?

Regarding the Funnel Builder Secrets lite plan where you pay $1,997

You get:

  • 6months of ClickFunnels which is $1,782
  • One year of Funnel Scripts which is $497
  • You now have a total payment of $2,279 ($1,782 + $497)

Now let’s talk about coaching and bonuses:

You get:

  •  Funnel hacks masterclass which is $1,997
  • Funnel Builder Secrets which is $997
  • Traffic Secrets Membership which is $1,997

Now to calculate the Total, $1,997 + $997 +$1,997 = $4,991

Sum up the totals, we have $2,279 + $4, 991 = $7,270

Now after deducting the total amount required to pay from the valued total: You realize you have saved a whopping sum of $5, 275!

You pay $2997 on the second plan

You get:

  • 12months of ClickFunnels which you get at $3, 564
  • The coaching and bonuses which is $4,991 + Funnel Scripts which is $497 + $3,564 = $9,052

Then once you deduct $2997…

…You have saved a whopping sum of $6,055!

You pay $5,997 on the third plan

This plan Includes everything in the second plan

$9,997 (+8 ClickStart calls) + $9,052 (worth of value) = $19, 049

Let’s now subtract $5,997 from $19,049, we have $13,052 saved

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What are the things in the Funnel Builder Secrets?

funnel builder secerts

When you buy one of your packages, you will immediately collect a lot of things. What are the things incorporated in the Funnel Builder Secrets, mentioned in different points?

6 to 12 months Enterprise account for Clickfunnels (depending on the package chosen)

If you buy the package, you will have access to the Enterprise account for 6 to 12 months. If you buy this separately, a lot of money will be wasted. If you buy the basic package, you will have access for six months. And after the purchase of the complete package, you will have full access to the business account for one year. You can benefit from the ease of a business account all the time.

What is important to know is that you have access to the Enterprise level. This includes Clickfunnels, but also Actionetics and Backpack. Actionetics is an email autoresponder, and the backpack is your backend affiliate program.

Funnel Hack Masterclass

Funnel Hacks 6 Week Class

Funnel Hacks Masterclass is another excellent Russell program. If you subscribe to Funnel Secret, the Funnel Hacks Masterclass program will be completely free for you. This program will provide you with many resources to learn funnel marketing. Everything will be open for you to succeed in online marketing.

In this bonus Funnel Builder Secrets, you will also receive:

  • offer creation
  • Email flow conversion
  • Activation, Sales, Webinar and Association Funnels
  • Much more …

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Funnel Builder Secrets Training

The FBS Training by Russell Brunson

In the same package, Russell will also give you training on the secrets of the funnel. From this coaching, you can learn a lot of things that are unknown to you about funnel marketing. You will not get this information anywhere, even after spending a lot of money. Russell offers a lot in exchange for very little money. In fact, through cooperative training, you will be able to make the most of the cost of this course.

  • Here are some things you know:
  •  Funnels for automatic webinars
  •  webinar funnels
  •  Product launch funnels
  •  A more technical aspect of funnel construction
  • More union funnels

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Traffic secrets memberships

Traffic Secrets Membership

Traffic Secret Membership is another great program. It’s basically about the traffic. When you participate in the Funnel Builder Secrets class, you get the automatic association of traffic secrets. There is no separate payment for this, which means it’s two in one.

There are about twenty-four modules and 284 lessons on how to drive traffic to your funnels here.

Traffic secrets include coaching in driving traffic with (among other things):

  • YouTube marketing
  •  Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Traffic recycling
  •  Social media strategy
  •  Google SEO
  •  retargeting traffic
  •  Sponsorship
  • & much more …

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12 months of access to funnel scripts

funnel script

Want to access free funnel scripts for a year? So sign up for the Funnel Builder Secrets program today. It’s because of nothing, but have access to the funnel script if you buy it. The funnel script is very popular for automatic scripts and writing. You can write good scripts without being a good writer. You only need to provide inputs as needed. Russell offers you a good free script with this package.

Funnel Scripts is the room reserved for writing machines. With this application, you do not need the services of an employee because he takes care of you:

  • mail flow
  • advertising copies
  •  Slide webinars
  • titles
  •  Sales letter
  • Much more …

The copywriting is one of the essential skills that any marketer must possess.

With software like Funnel Scripts, you already have a good command of writing.

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Unlimited Funnel Bonus

If you register for the Funnel Builder Secret course, you will receive an unlimited funnel bonus. Many people wait a long time to get this bonus. You have a great opportunity to take advantage of such an opportunity. After attending the class, you will receive unlimited funnel.

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Eight clicks start coaching calls (higher rate only)


This opportunity is not primarily for everyone. It is open only to those who only accept the higher level. The ClickStart coaching call is also great. If you buy your premium level plan, you will get it free. So if you want to have something so valuable for free, you need to register today. Remember that time and opportunity do not come many times.

Below you will find what you will receive in ClickStart’s coaching calls regarding funnel builder secrets:

Welcome Session: Your coach will gather all the knowledge about your business goal ideas and all other necessary details.

  • Session 1: Make your ladder useful and plant a funnel.
  • Session 2: Your funnel is built by your coach and guides you through the process of creating copies and scripts.
  • Session 3: Helps you to master the page editor and ClickFunnels software.
  • Session 4: Get your order pages, OTOs, products, and integrations in collaboration with the assistance of your coach.
  • Session 5: Set up your membership sites, affiliate program (backpack) and check your funnel.
  • Session 6: Planning your “Monitoring Funnel” at Actionetics.
  • Session 7: Set up your list in Actionetics and how to transmit values to subscribers via broadcasts and sequences.
  • Session 8: Testing, publishing and optimizing the funnel.

This is a unique program for those who do not know where to start building their funnels. Plus, they want a tutor to help them build a $ 1 million funnel.

You will discover how business owners create funnels that generate thousands of people in the blink of an eye.

The most interesting part of the ClickStart +8 training program is that all sessions are recorded and you have access to the recordings so you can view them at any time.

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Funnel Builder Secrets pros and Cons

Pros of Funnel Builder Secrets

  •  If you do not like what you receive, you get a 30-day money back guarantee with no risk of redemption.
  • You will be offered unlimited access to all training, bonuses, and resources.
  •  You would not spend other tools or resources.
  • Everything about building funnels and targeting conversion traffic is here. You will also have the opportunity of teaching your team members.
  •  Funil Builder Secrets offers everything you want to succeed in business for at least six months.
  •  This is the only package plan where you can get the most out of ClickFunnels.

Cos of Funnel Builder Secrets

  • Professional funnel builders could find some of the teaching boring (but not the funnel scripts or traffic secrets)
  •  it’s expensive! (It’s the truth)
  • You can be overwhelmed if you choose to focus on many things at once. (The training is huge)

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Final words

There is no alternative to acquiring knowledge about funnel marketing. Different ClickFunnels programs can be a great way to learn a lot. The Funnel Builder Secrets are a wonderful journey for beginners. Through this course, you will surely learn funnel marketing from Russell himself via a webinar. You will have a lot of valuable resources as a bonus course.

Also, you will also enjoy the benefits of the ClickFunnels subscription for at least six months. There is no doubt that this training is of very good quality for all beginners and experts. No matter what level you belong to, you can join the course to expand your knowledge, as famed funnel dealer Russell Brunson will teach you everything!

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