Sunday, May 9th, 2021

GetResponse vs. Active Campaign – Which One is Better?          

For the longest time, marketing automation has been regarded as a significant strong force in today’s modern world. This ensures that marketing is made easier to leave you with more qualified leads that can be converted into sales. Although some people believe that email marketing is long dead, the truth is precisely the opposite. Email marketing continues to be alive and kicking, and it still got the capacity to grow your business when implemented correctly.

There are lots of email marketing platforms in the market right now, and more new ones are coming up. This makes it a challenge to choose the best one. GetResponse vs. Active Campaign are two services that always stand out. Which is the better pick?

What is GetResponse?

It is a Poland-based company with customers in more than 182 countries. GetResponse provides a comprehensive tool for email marketing with plenty of helpful features. GetResponse focuses on the creation of newsletter content together with email campaigns. This service also offers a range of tools and automated emails for you to increase the readership of your personalized campaigns. GetResponse also strives to be user-friendly without putting the features in jeopardy.

Some of the notable features of GetRespons include:

  • The service boasts of deliverability rates of more than 99%. This means that your emails will not likely be considered spam.
  • This is an ideal tool for all businesses that want to create high quality and engaging newsletters.
  • The service routinely scales emails to suit every device. The mobile editor lets you tweak this.
  • Service provides more than 500 pre-made templates as well as 1,000 stock images you can use in design templates.
  • Dynamic audience and content segmentation let you include the location and name of the recipient within the email.
  • GetResponse comes with a range of analyses and reports that include engagement, open rate, ROI, and segmentation reports.
  • This is more affordable compared to several competitors for basic plans.
  • Exceptional landing page editor that helps generate more leads.
  • Excellent Perfect Timing tool that guarantees that your messages will be sent just when the user is most probably active.

You can check out GetResponse here!

What is an Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is a type of email marketing tool that focuses on providing granular features and customizability. They also offer an array of email campaigns. One of these is email broadcasting that lets you send one-time emails to all the contacts in your list. You can send emails according to triggers as well as automated messages.

Some of the features of Active Campaign include:

  • The automated email marketing feature lets you set reminders to your customers regarding their abandoned carts.
  • Email designer that is easy to use and has the design functionality of making emails looks just like how you like them to.
  • There is a customer relationship management system for managing leads.
  • Granular audience segmentation has a secure system for sending a specific email to your targeted audience.
  • There are Facebook and SMS marketing tools included in the program.

Check out Active Campaign here,!

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