Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

GetResponse vs. ActiveCampaign – Which One is Better?

All business owners have a marketer’s blood running their veins. They want to make sure that everything is done efficiently. For this reason, they are easily excited when they see an email automation tool that can get the job done. Marketing tools that can automate email marketing have the ability to boost your conversion rates for up to 50%. Around 75% of the revenues garnered from these email marketing campaigns stem from the triggered personalized campaigns instead of a one-size-fits-all campaign.

Tools for email automation are a must-have. However, some of these tools stand out when it comes to helping your business transform into a marketing powerhouse. GetResponse vs. ActiveCampaign is two of the tools you can find in the market right now.

A Review of ActiveCampaign

The core focus of ActiveCampaign, unlike other tools for email marketing filled with glitzy features, is on the development of automation workflows and rules. The deal pipelines of the platform bring improved agility on all of your sales efforts.

Email marketing tools have significant differences as far as email templates are concerned. Some are bogged down by their designs and there are also templates that were poorly selected. There are also tools with email editors that are tricky to use. But, with ActiveCampaign, you can be sure that it got all the appropriate design elements for email marketing in place.

ActiveCampaign promises on their site to assist you in sending captivating emails in a matter of clicks. The premade email templates they offer cover different industries and you can choose from up to 30 templates.

The platform also boasts of a robust arsenal for email marketing that lets you create your dream email automation. This offers one of today’s most flexible visual builders and supports an extensive array of automation triggers. The editor also comes with numerous options that offer lots of design flexibility.

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A Review of GetResponse

GetResponse is a tool that has been in the market for more than two decades. This platform made by Simon Grabowski has a large clientele from around 182 countries all over the world. This software is also made available in up to 21 different languages offering high-end marketing solutions for all online businesses.

As an all in one marketing solution, GetRespond goes well beyond simple email marketing and offers other amazing solutions. It is known for its cool landing pages. It also got automated sales funnel and customer relationships or CRM functionality.

GetResponse takes pride in its excellent email deliverability record of 99% which is one of the highest out of all platforms. GetResponse is a spam-free solution that explains its success in terms of deliverability. The email marketing feature comes with more than 500 premade email templates to help you send stunning emails with no need to break a sweat.

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