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How to Use AWeber – Follow Those Simple Steps                          

If you want to know how to use AWeber, this simple tutorial will guide you through the steps you need to take to get started.

How to Use AWeber – Create Your Account

Of course, using AWeber starts by creating your account. If you have an existing account, then you are all good. But, if you don’t have one yet, begin by signing up first.

You can get AWeber for free for the initial 30 days, so you don’t need to pay anything at all. However, there will be a monthly cost going forward. However, it will all be worth it since you will be getting all the functionality if you are serious when it comes to email marketing.

How to Use AWeber – Create Your Email List

After logging into your account in AWeber, you will get redirected to the dashboard. The very first thing you need to do is create your email list. Although you might already have a file you wish to import, it is still a must to create a brand new list.

  1. Click on the Manage List found on the corner in the upper right corner. You can also scroll downwards to a green button labeled Created A New List.
  2. After you arrive on the Manage List page, click on a button labeled Create A New List.
  3. Follow the steps to add company details and click on Next Step.
  4. Give a name to your list, add a short description then click on Next Step.
  5. Include a confirmation message, click on Approve Message, then click Create List.

How to Use AWeber – Create Your Email Templates

If you like to produce an email template that can be reused with different automation, this section is what you need to read.

Take note that you can also customize your AWeber templates when you click on a button labeled Templates found on the right side. However, you can also create your own by following these steps:

  1. Hover over the Messages found on the upper toolbar then click on the Email Template Manager in a dropdown.
  2. Click on a button labeled Start with an AWeber Template.
  3. Add a title for the Template.
  4. Drag and drop anything you wish to customize the template.
  5. Don’t forget to click on Save once you’re finished.

It is where you will drag and drop anything you wish to produce your template.

You can customize and modify the look and the content that will be in the boxes. You can also create any number of templates as you like. Again, don’t forget that you save all of these. When creating the emails or messages, you will send out. You can also select the specific template you like.

Take note that you can also design a template every time you create your message.

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