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Infusionsoft Pricing & Reviews- What Is Infusionsoft And How Much Does It Cost?

I have always been interested in how Infusionsoft works. But their idea of ​​making you jump all kinds of hoops to signup sets them on the back burner to look up.

Many people have told me that Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful email marketing applications on the market. And also one of the most sophisticated software to use.

How is this true? In this review, I will say more about Infusionsoft and see who should not use it and who should.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a complete email marketing solution. This means providing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, email marketing, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing automation as part of its platform.

Therefore, besides email marketing, you can contact potential customers in your sales pipeline and ask buyers to buy your products using the integrated shopping cart.

Then, you are helping to automate the entire process by grouping the elements using the powerful marketing automation features of Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Pricing


Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing automation software are available in four plans. The number of emails allowed per month, the size of the mailing lists, and the number of supported users vary by plan.

All Infusionsoft plans come with CRM, extensive automation of email, and marketing. You can also add e-commerce and sales pipeline features to your plan for $ 47 more per month each.

Your monthly price will then be calculated based on the number of contacts you have, from 500 contacts upward.

If you want to include more team members to your Infusionsoft account, you must also pay $ 29 more per month for each user.

Infusionsoft recently added a no credit card free 14-day trial. Although this is not announced on the front page, Infusionsoft hides it.

Infusionsoft continuously organizes promotions on the site. Usually, the reduced rate is valid for the first three months only. You can also reduce integration costs if you are lucky.

As stated earlier, you will need to sign a one-year contract when you apply. The price of the package onboard is not refundable, and an early cancellation fee of 25% is also charged.

Pros and Cons of Infusionsoft

Overall, Infusionsoft is an excellent software with only a few problems. It provides one of the most significant user interfaces for Building automation campaigns, making it enjoyable and easy to use.

The pros

  • The most crucial benefit of Infusionsoft is that it is an automated and complete marketing and sales system. With an application, you can manage CRM, manage online payments, email marketing, and prospect scoring.
  • You can create a web form and landing pages using Infusionsoft without the help of a webmaster.
  • Customer service capabilities are quite comprehensive. Also, new users receive personalized training on how to get the most out of Infusionsoft.
  • A newer version of Infusionsoft now has a more intuitive interface and better navigation.
  • Smart tracking codes track contact engagement and facilitate reporting.
  • Powerful reporting tools.
  • The flexible campaign builder can manage any automation workflow you launch on it.
  • Helps automate team-wide tasks to help you deliver the best experience to your customers.
  • Extensive ecosystem of third-party applications and services to help extend the platform.
  • Extensive integration of new users is excellent and helps get you up to speed quickly.
  • CRM monitors all actions taken by a contact once he has become a lead.
  • Infusionsoft is one of the best-designed platforms in the marketing automation industry. Its visual campaign builder creates the most complex and intuitive stimulus sequence.
  • With the combination of more than 300 Infusionsoft Marketplace apps, Zapier integration, and API, you can connect Infusionsoft to hundreds of third-party tools.
  • Very active group on FaceBook where you can get help and advice.
  • Infusionsoft is among the only marketing automation tools to offer order forms, payment processing, order processing, and inventory tracking directly in the app.

The Cons

  • All plans impose e-mail sending limits.
  • Infusionsoft excludes split testing as part of the e-mail marketing system features.
  • Infusionsoft is expensive because you pay for multiple automated systems to run a business. There is also a pre-integration service that provides one-on-one training for all new users, but this entails additional costs.
  • Unsubscribes always count towards your contact limit.
  • One year contract required with an early cancellation fee.
  • You must speak to someone on the phone to register.
  • Infusionsoft generates a mandatory start-up fee of $ 1999.
  • While it is better to use an Infusionsoft consultant to set up your first campaigns, these initial fees will drive some customers away.
  • Infusionsoft does not have native integrations with third-party applications. Although they have a market of more than 300 apps and extensions, many of them require an additional permanent cost.
  • Although Infusionsoft appears to have delivery rates above 97%, we found that more user tests proved that Infusionsoft’s deliverability was not as good as some other applications. Also, some software allows you to configure dedicated IP addresses for sending e-mails, which is not a feature offered by Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Resources – How Does Infusionsoft Work?


After your first login, you will go directly to your dashboard page. You can customize your dashboard, and you can choose to add new widgets and drag them.

Most of the pages you access for daily use are accessible via the Navigation drop-down menu in the upper left corner. This menu consists of sections for each of the critical areas of CRM, Admin, Marketing, E-Commerce, and Tools.

For daily tasks, you can drag specific actions from different sections to the My Navigation area to make a set of favorites for your convenience.

With the proposed update, however, it seems that the layout will change (in the right way) completely.

The forms

There is no direct action to build structures in Infusionsoft. Instead, you create them from Campaign Builder.

In a campaign, you can drag the webform submitted goal to the drawing area — double-click on the icon to navigate to the form editor.

The form editor itself is not particularly impressive. You can do some basic drag-and-drop operations to move sections. But I found that the options for stylizing the forms are missing. There are integrated provisions, but none of them stand out.

Sending Email

You can send emails via the Email and Broadcast page. For starters, there is a collection of 12 email templates from which you can choose. You can also send HTML emails and plain text in the Actions menu at the top right.

Infusionsoft offers excellent flexibility in defining mail flow recipients.

The easiest way is to send emails to contacts with one or more specific tags. You can enter tag names directly in the Recipients field.

Or, if you like to be more precise, you can click New Search to display a pop-up window that allows you to target using a wide variety of criteria, including custom fields.

The drag-and-drop email editor is relatively easy to use. You have your typical blocks, such as image, text, button components that can be dragged and placed in your newsletter.

For customization, you can add merge fields to your emails using the drop-down menu in the editor toolbar.

The editor seems more focused on simplicity than on flexibility, which is excellent.

But that limits in some ways. For example, one annoying thing I’ve encountered is that there looks to be no way to alter the size of the buttons.

Once everything is ready, sending your email will be unaffected.

You can schedule the broadcast to be transmitted on a specific date and time or send your show immediately. There is a convenient option that allows you to send emails using your contact’s time zone.


Infusionsoft is not a list-based service. Instead, its customer relationship management system manages all of your company’s interactions and relationships with customers and potential buyers.

You can access it from the CRM> Contacts section of the navigation.

The extent of information you can see about a buyer is widespread.

Apart from the primary data such as email and name, you have access to order history, lead scoring, tags, campaigns, tasks, and more.

If one of your contacts has ordered a product from you, you can even bill it here.


The campaign builder manages the marketing automation of Infusionsoft. It’s an attractive system, and it fascinates me a lot.

It also has several benefits when compared to visual automation editors of competing products.

At the highest level of any campaign, you have goals and sequences. Goals are essentially vital in starting any automation.

Infusionsoft includes all the objectives you have the right to expect, including:

  • Form submissions
  • Tag applied
  • Web page visited
  • Email link clicked
  • Lead score achieved
  • Product purchased

But there are also unique Infusionsoft goals, such as the completed task, quote status, or use of the Infusionsoft API to trigger automation.

Once you have selected your goal, you can drag a sequence and join them.

In the series, you perform the actions that you want the automation to perform.

Here you can send emails, apply tags, define custom fields, create tasks/appointments, assign an owner, among others.

You can also include different timers to your sequence so you can wait for a specific time before taking measurements.

There is even a timer that lets you wait for a certain period of time-based on a custom field. For instance, you can use it to send a reminder email three days before a contact’s appointment time.

To allow the creation of branches in a campaign, you must associate a goal with two or more sequences. This will generate a decision diamond in which you can define rules on the operation of the branch.

I found that the configuration is a little tedious because it takes several clicks to configure a simple rule.

Overall, I like the work style of the Infusionsoft campaign builder.

It allows you to drag goals and sequences and place them anywhere. And you can have multiple destinations in the same campaign if you wish. This offers more flexibility to create the necessary automation.

I like the fact that you can re-label all elements of a campaign. For sophisticated automation, you can use this as documentation so that you can remember every phase of your automation, even if you look at it six months later.

Contacts management

Contact management with Infusionsoft could not have been easier. You may import your contacts, as well as signature details and signature tags, into the CSV file format. Infusionsoft’s “dup check” feature lets you identify matching contacts and clean up your subscriber list.

The Infusionsoft CRM system allows you to tag contacts to facilitate marketing campaign management. Tags are searchable labels that track specific activities and target contacts. Infusionsoft will allow you to use tagging to send targeted e-mail messages, indicate goal completion, or trigger a campaign sequence.

Help and support

Driving through the Infusionsoft interface can be confusing at first. Fortunately, Infusionsoft offers excellent customer support from the beginning. Users interested in the automation application can not merely go to Infusionsoft and buy it. First, you’ll need to call them, sign up for a demo, or make a call.

After contacting Infusionsoft, a sales representative will contact you to help you choose the best option for your business needs. Each new purchase is accompanied by a trainer who will guide you through the parameters of your program with a four-week individualized training session. If you still need help after initial training, Infusionsoft provides consulting services for an additional fee.

Requesting technical support or contacting support for commercial issues is free. You can contact Infusionsoft by chat, phone, or email. The online help center offers a variety of user guides, video tutorials, and informational articles. Infusionsoft also has a community forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other members more familiar with the system.

You can sign up for new essential training webinars and participate in a live Q & A session with Infusionsoft experts or watch other sessions already recorded. Also, Infusionsoft manages a knowledge center where they regularly publish blogs, which can provide excellent information on enterprise systems and automation.

Reporting tools

The Infusionsoft app processes and tracks a wealth of information from an email campaign, e-commerce sales, and social media relationships. Also, you can use the system to purchase multiple reports and evaluate the effectiveness of your business.

For example, Campaign Contact Reports and Goal Completion will help you measure web form activity, overall campaign effectiveness, landing page performance, and reach. Conversely, delivery reports and email statistics record the number of emails you send for each campaign, the number of contacts that clicked links, read them, and so on.

The sales team reports will help you track sales activity or measure pipeline efficiency and lead flow. Some administrator reports also provide summary information about user activities in your Infusionsoft program.

Also, if you choose to use Infusionsoft’s tracking tools and social networks, you can view clickthrough rates on shared links on Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, Infusionsoft can generate a report on the referral partner if your company runs an affiliate program.

Who is Infusionsoft for (and who isn’t it for)?

Infusionsoft is not for everyone. For most customers, I generally recommend using GetResponse for email marketing, Unbounce for landing pages, and Salesforce as the CRM system. However, this is because we are working with many new companies and startups offering essential services. Infusionsoft does not work for this type of business.

In my opinion, and depending on the people I heard love and hate Infusionsoft, I would say that Infusionsoft is for companies that are already earning at least $ 150,000 a year by selling products online.

Indeed, the magic of Infusionsoft lies in the integration between the CRM, the eCommerce system, and the automation of marketing. It would be foolish to buy Infusionsoft solely for their customer relationship management system or to sell products online. But when you combine all these things into one, you can do brilliant things.

How does Infusionsoft compare to its competitors?

The small business marketing automation market is becoming VERY competitive. All in all, it’s a good thing for users like you and me, because it means we’re getting new improvements and aggressive pricing.

This Infusionsoft review will not compare features, but I want to highlight some key differences you should know if you plan to use other tools. Depending on your situation, it is useful to compare the following tools.

Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at Hubspot is the price difference (more than double the cost, depending on the features and contacts). The main difference with Hubspot is its approach to inbound marketing, of which I am a fan. They provide a website/blog on their automated marketing tool, which facilitates the creation of integrated landing pages. At the moment, Infusionsoft does not offer a blog/site platform, but most companies that use Infusionsoft use WordPress.

Hubspot has also recently proposed a customer relationship management tool to complement its marketing package.

You can consider Hubspot over Infusionsoft if:

  • You want a complete marketing package
  • have a larger staff and budget
  • focus heavily on content and inbound marketing

Overall, Hubspot is pretty easy to use and understand, but I like the flexibility of WordPress as a site platform, given all the experience and availability of plugins.

Also, I think that the visual campaign builder of Infusionsoft is more intuitive in the way I create campaigns.

Infusionsoft vs. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has made excellent progress over the last two years. The addition of its visual and CRM campaign builder combined with aggressive pricing makes ActiveCampaign a superb choice.

ActiveCampaign does NOT have an e-commerce module. If you accept online payments, you will need to find a third-party vendor and integrate it with ActiveCampaign, usually via Zapier or one of its extensive data integrations. He has a basic CRM and a good campaign builder.

You can consider ActiveCampaign over Infusionsoft if:

  • You are just starting and have a reduced budget
  • You do not accept online payments via shopping carts or order forms (e.g., real estate, law firm, etc.).
  • You need a basic CRM
  • You agree with the occasional clunkiness

ActiveCampaign is a great option, and I’m excited about what it has to offer, but its campaign builder tool is still lacking and can be difficult to use sometimes ( for example, it is tough to schedule your steps around one or more dates in the contact record). Of course, it does the work, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult to determine where I’m going.

Infusionsoft vs. Ontraport

Functionality for functionality, Ontraport is the closest competitor to Infusionsoft. In fact, similar to Infusionsoft, they also present themselves as an all-in-one solution. Their prices are on par with Infusionsoft.

I was amazed at how far Ontraport has come in recent years. They have been aggressive in software development and have recently introduced their landing pages and a visual campaign builder that rivals those of Infusionsoft.

Their CRM is powerful (allows you to create custom objects), but it seems a bit inflated when I use it.

The most significant difference between Infusionsoft and Ontraport is the community. Infusionsoft offers a multitude of extensions to extend the functionality of the software.

I will keep an eye on Ontraport; They have made significant progress in recent years and are doing good things in this area.

You should consider Ontraport over Infusionsoft if:

  • You need an all-in-one solution
  • You run an online business
  • You require only basic marketing automation

Everything else worth knowing about Infusionsoft

Does Infusionsoft charge for unsubscribes?

Yes, all your CRM contacts are counts towards your maximum number of contacts, even if they have already unsubscribed from your emails.

Do they have an active community?

Yes, the most active Facebook group is Infusionsoft Open User Group. Infusionsoft does not support it officially, but the group is hectic. This is a great place to ask all the questions associated with Infusionsoft.

How is their support?

I have mixed feelings about the support of Infusionsoft. Many times in live chat, some of the people who helped us were not very helpful.

Also, I had several other interactions in which the support person was perfect. Like any platform, you will find excellent and bad representatives, and it depends on who you have.

Infusionsoft phone support is open Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm Arizona time, and is supported by 24/7 chat support.

Does Infusionsoft have an affiliate program?

Infusionsoft previously had a very lucrative affiliate program. But it has changed a lot, just as the price plan and the affiliate program is no longer active at the moment.

What I like about InfusionSoft

There are many things I love about Infusionsoft, but here are some that marked me.

Exceptional Campaign Builder –

I am a big fan of the Infusionsoft Organizational Style Campaign Builder. This makes creating email campaigns more fun than you think, and it’s incredibly rewarding to know that every day, thousands of customers interact in a personalized way as you focus on the most critical issues.

A large community –

Private Facebook groups at ICON’s annual conference in Phoenix, Infusionsoft has worked hard so that Infusionsoft users can share ideas and help each other.

Good Broadcast Capabilities –

Compared to other marketing automation vendors, Infusionsoft has functional e-mail delivery capabilities.

CRM is great –

I have gone through many CRM systems over the years. Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, and SugarCRM, to name a few. I do not know what’s inside, but I find it incredibly difficult to love them. Infusionsoft has been different – the CRM system is excellent. What I like most is their lead scoring, which, without being innovative at all, seems to me to do a much useful job than the other CRM platforms.

A fast and stable platform –

Some of the other automation platforms are notoriously failing and slow to load. With Infusionsoft, everything seems to load quickly and smoothly.

Good customer service –

I have not dealt directly with our Infusionsoft account manager, but from what I have heard from our client, it seems exceptionally high. They went to great lengths to ensure that we had a good experience and, despite all the relatively minor issues, they were able to sort everything out for us very quickly.

It does what he says on the pot –

Infusionsoft is extremely popular, so it’s perfectly normal to be a bit skeptical when thinking of becoming a customer or not. Our experience certainly met expectations, and although some of the shortcomings and occasional functionality did not work out as expected, the overall impact on our customers’ business was impressive. In short, it does precisely what it promises – allows you to create more systems that will enable you to evolve your business and focus on the most critical elements.

What I do not like about Infusionsoft

While this may look like a somewhat tricky list, these are minor issues, and even collectively, it has not been enough to stop us from using Infusionsoft.

No A / B Split testing –

It’s pretty crazy. For service, so focused on optimizing online marketing through e-mails and landing pages, it is surprising that Infusionsoft has no formal ability to run split tests. Of course, you can create two variations of an email or landing page and send each variant to different segments, but I doubt that many small business owners are considering doing so. The only possible solution if you already use a service such as Visual Website Optimizer or Unbounce, in this case, are ways to integrate the services, but it seems that it would not be too tricky for Infusionsoft to add a Basic split test functionality.

No Recurring PayPal Payments –

Strangely, Infusionsoft does not support recurring PayPal payments, which has been very painful for our customer, who relied on recurring payments for a handful of their subscription products. However, they have software known as CustomerHub for which we ended up paying for, which allows membership payments. Therefore, if you want to offer recurring subscriptions, be aware that additional costs are likely to be required.

Excellent data. Bad reports –

I have a love-hate relationship with Infusionsoft stories. On the one hand, the data displayed is impressive. There is practically no metrics of vanity, and everything is actionable. However, this data is poorly presented. Almost nothing is visualized, so you must continuously destroy the data in your head to draw your conclusions. I would prefer to have excellent data displayed poorly than crappy data nicely displayed.

It is expensive –

Although you probably start with the $ 199 / month package, it is likely to end up with the package at $ 379 / month. This is a good thing because it means that your business needs to grow, and that’s the goal of investing in such software. Remember, Infusionsoft works to grow its business as you improve yours. They offer a plethora of optional extras and price levels that will become increasingly attractive over time.

Poor email templates –

Maybe because I’m used to GetResponse, which offers smooth email templates, but Infusionsoft mail designs are pretty average. No big deal, but they should not have a hard time hiring a designer to tweak it a bit.

The Kickstarter package –

As emphasized throughout this post, there is something that does not fit with the current structure of the mandatory training system. While this has been extremely valuable, it does not seem right to charge the customer $ 2,000 to learn how to use the software. Over time, we hope that Infusionsoft will eliminate/reduce this cost or offer a “pay-as-you-go” model that allows more experienced customers to pay for fewer sessions than those who need more time.

Final thoughts

Overall, Infusionsoft is an attractive email marketing solution, and I have seen many companies succeed.

But it’s not for everyone.

If you are a sole proprietorship or on a limited budget, I do not think it makes sense to use it.

But if you are a big company (with perhaps an eCommerce component) that has a larger budget and a dedicated sales team, in this case, I think Infrusionsoft makes a lot more sense.

You can get better leverage customer relationship management, marketing campaign management, and sales management to improve your ROI in sales and marketing.

On a larger scale, the upfront investment in Infusionsoft is, therefore, much more valuable.

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