Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Infusionsoft vs Hubspot – What’s The Difference

If you operate a marketing department or you are a business owner, you have probably encountered the different marketing automation tools. While technology offers something big, it takes due diligence to narrow down the choices and sort out the functionality and features that will bring a lasting change to your business.

Infusionsoft and Hubspot are some of the many marketing automation programs in the market. If you are confused between Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot, you should know their main differences for you to make a better choice.

Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot: Product Features

The features that matter to your business objectives is a crucial consideration. Do functions and features align with what you want to achieve through your marketing efforts? Choose the marketing software that encompasses features, which work best for your goals, company, and objectives.

Infusionsoft is a clear choice for businesses ready to step up to all-in-1 marketing, sales, and CRM automation platform. It is easy to use, and its marketing automation capabilities make it simple to create personalized follow-up workflows that might include email marketing, daily checklists, and so on.

All of these can be accessed in a simple interface with a drag and drop feature.

At Infusionsoft, all email templates are easy to use. They can be quickly optimized, launched, and customized on the fly. Its built-in A/B testing functionality compares up to 5 email variations. Infusionsoft has an email deliverability rate of 99.5% and an 83.25% 1-month average inbox rate. Through best-in-class email deliverability, you can be sure that your recipient would receive your marketing emails.

Hubspot, on the other hand, requires users to formulate sophisticated strategies and make processes within their CRM. They can also create marketing automation processes in a separate module. Users should build whole marketing automation from scratch in a separate module, which is a complicated process for technical systems professionals and experienced marketers.

Although Hubspot offers email templates, the designs aren’t industry-specific. And require users to have marketing experience and an in-depth design.

 There is no available data on the email deliverability of Hubspot.

It also separates its product into five categories, which include marketing features, CRM, service features, content management, and sales features. The categories do not integrate seamlessly. For instance, when users of Hubspot CRM add contacts, such contacts should end up in the sales hub. This doubling up of the contacts may increase the subscription contact tier pricing of the user.

Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot: Price Comparison

Since Infusionsoft focuses on small businesses, it offers a low-cost option. However, it charges every user when compared to the pricing model of Hubspot. Hubspot based its pricing on the package level and contacts purchased. It also offers a free version, but it’s limited in automation features. Moreover, HubSpot also offers sales, service hubs, marketing, and CRM that can be bought separately or bundled for lower prices.

If you are still confused between Infusionsoft vs. Hubspot, you can go to for free training to understand more about what you need.

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