Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Instapage vs Clickfunnels – Find one which is best for your business

Are you looking for the best web building platform for your business? Anyway, Instapage and ClickFunnels are two great choices just in case you want to build such a business site. But, you need to choose between Instapage vs. ClickFunnels. These two platforms have the same functions, but there may be some different features. Which one is the best for your business?

Instapage vs. Clickfunnels – Find one which is best for your business

Instapage vs. ClickFunnels Pricing

Before you find out whether Instapage and ClickFunnels are the best funnel builders for your business, it is essential to consider the pricing. How much does Instapage cost? Instapage is quite affordable. The Instapage plan costs about $99 per month. Not only that, but every new user also has a chance to get a 14-day free trial. Meanwhile, it also provides a lot of powerful features for business websites.

Then, you may check ClickFunnels pricing. The Clickfunnels offers two plans, the Startup plan, and Full Suite plan. You can choose the Startup plan that costs about $97 per month while Full Suite plan is a bit expensive which is about $297 per month. From the pricing perspective, we can say that Instapage is better and much cheaper. Somehow, ClickFunnels also offers a 14-day free trial with a 100% money back guarantee. Also, you can also find some special discounts to buy ClickFunnels at lower prices.

Instapage vs. ClickFunnels Features

How can Instapage or Clickfunnels help your business? Well, this is the essential part when you choose either Instapage vs. Clickfunnels. Which one is better for business? Anyway, it all depends on the features. It seems that ClickFunnels becomes the winner when we consider the elements, especially for business. ClickFunnels can help you build so many funnels that highly convert. ClickFunnels is also an excellent choice for business because it also supports an automated email marketing campaign. With ClickFunnels, you can quickly build your eCommerce website to sell products and services. It is straightforward to edit your funnel page thanks to the simple drag and drop builder provided. Overall, if you want to know which one is better between Instapage vs. ClickFunnels for business, we would recommend you to choose ClickFunnels.

Signing Up for ClickFunnels

Now, you know that ClickFunnels is much better than Instapage in term of building business sites. Somehow, you decide to choose ClickFunnels, but you have no idea how to sign up for ClickFunnels. Well, it is also effortless to sign up for ClickFunnels because you can visit the official website of ClickFunnels to sign up. Naturally, you can click “Start Your 14 Day Free Trial” to join ClickFunnels. You can sign up using your email address, and you also need to enter your credit card number. You can choose the ClickFunnels plan, but the Full Suite plan is the best choice for business purposes. During the free trial, you can cancel the purchase at any time just in case you do not like ClickFunnels and your money will be returned.

Finally, which one is better between Instapage vs. ClickFunnels? We can conclude that Instapage is better in term of pricing while ClickFunnels has better features, especially for business purposes. Now, it is your decision whether you choose ClickFunnels or Instapage, but we would recommend you to select Clickfunnels for the best alternative.



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