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Is Active Campaign a CRM? Things You Should Know                     

Is Active Campaign a CRM?

To answer your question, yes, Active Campaign works as a robust CRM, and email marketing service conveniently rolled into a single handy tool. This is the key selling point of Active Campaign ever since the launch of the CRM feature of this provider of marketing automation back in 2014.

But, what makes it different from other all in one CRM and email marketing tool you can find on the market right now?

For starters, most tools function as CRM first, and email marketing is also added to the primary offering.

As expected, these tools don’t always provide the same affection to their products for email marketing as they give love to their CRM.

But, email marketing is the main focus of Active Campaign, and it does it impressively well.

The CRM was meant to complement it. They wanted to provide a simple and easy way to automate sales and marketing when monitoring opportunities.

If you will compare Active Campaign to other more popular CRM giants, its pricing makes it a more attractive choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

This are some of things that you should know about the CRM feature of Active Campaign:

Active Campaign CRM is Easy to Use

It is widespread for CRMs to be rather complicated. These are usually filled with unnecessary features that you will only be able to master if you attend training courses.

But, this is not the case with Active Campaign CRM. You can easily create deals and associate with stages and pipelines with standard fields for value, step, assigned deal owner, contact details, and description.

Contact Data and Deal are Managed in a Single Place

Some CRMs can be quite confusing. This is what makes the simple approach of Active Campaign stand out. The concept of accounts and leads doesn’t exist in the tool. Everyone is considered a contact, and everything that has something to do with the opportunity or deal is being managed from a single place.

Automating Tasks between Marketing and Sales is a Breeze

This is precisely what you would expect from a tool that provides both CRM and email marketing under one roof. The marketing automation of Active Campaign is among the most advanced that the SMB market can use, and it is a significant advantage that you can tightly integrate this with all your sales processes.

Integrate Calendars and Email Accounts

This might not be a unique feature to Active Campaign CRM, but having this one is a great deal. You can now connect Active Campaign to your existing email accounts so that all the emails between the contacts of your agreement and your team members are automatically shown on the record of the deal. It is a convenient tool to monitor the locations of the sales and transfer knowledge when reassigning deals.

Hopefully, these will answer your question if Active Campaign is a CRM.

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