Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Landing page builder – Top ways to increase your online conversions

Shopping online has become a new trend in modern society. More and more people go to the internet to buy various product and service. The small business owner wants to expand the business they have to sell their product and service on the internet. If you’re going to sell product and service on the internet, you have to apply a specific online marketing strategy. To sell your product online, you will need to have a professional landing page for your product and service. So, what is a landing page?

Landing page builder – Top ways to increase your online conversions

What should you know about the landing page?

A landing page is a dedicated page that specifically designed for the visitor to take certain marketing activities. You have to create your landing page seriously. The professional landing page will not only attract more visitors but will also increase your conversion rate and finally will boost your sale and profit. There are different types if conversion rate that you can achieve such as:

  • Entering email to receive specific eBook
  • Asking visitor to a certain page to check your new product
  • Alternatively, you can ask the visitor to answer some surveys

How to create a high-converting landing page?

We have mentioned earlier that the landing page is a dedicated page that specially designed to ask your visitor to perform some marketing action. Your landing page should be able to convince your visitor to perform marketing action you need to create high converting landing page there are many page element that you have to include on your page such as:

  • Product or service benefit. Try to mention or make a list of the benefit of your product and service
  • You have to include one or more picture related to your product or service
  • Make a call to action. Call to action means you ask your visitor to do something like entering their email address and so on.
  • Create a thank you page. After your visitor performs a certain action, you have to say thank you to what they have done.

How to create a landing page easily

Creating a landing page is easy as there are many landing page builder available on the internet. In this case, the business owner or marketer needs to choose the best landing page builder available. Clickfunnels is a popular landing page builder that has been used by many business owners as well as internet marketer who want to sell their product online. Created by Russell Bronson, Clickfunnels help the user to create high-converting landing page easily. This is true as Clickfunnels provide drag and drops mechanism that enables the user to create a professional landing page instantly.

Creating a landing page has become easier with Clickfunnels. You can start your project with highly optimizing landing page template available.  In this case, you can customize your template to suit your business need.  Alternatively, you can start your page with a blank page, and then you can drag different types of different page elements and drops them to the certain area of your page.

CLickfunnels is the best landing page builder available on the internet. This particular landing page builder enables the user to create a high converting landing page instantly. So what you are waiting for? Go to Clickfunnels and create your landing page now.



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