Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Men Dry-Fit Running Workout T-Shirt Short Sleeve Athletic Gym Training Tee for Men discount

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Product Description

Top Sport Moisture Wicking Texile be Chosen for Muezna Athletic Shirt – HYRIDTEX INVERS

Muezna Althletic Shirt A+Muezna Althletic Shirt A+

Muezna Workout Short Sleeve T will Let you Shake Off the Sticky feeling and Odor Which Brought by Sweat Soaked Cotton Gear after Exercise, Keep Your Skin Dry Rapidly


Water Repellent Fabric

This is a new tech material to be applied in sport gear. Once cloth inside encounter sweat, it will repell the moisture immediately, and never allow the moisture come back to skin. Such tech can keep you skin dry in workout.

High Effective Evaporate

Since the unidirectional water-transport fabric can not let sweat back to skin, the moisture will expose 80% on the outlayer, which accelerates the evaporate process. Then say good bye to embarrassing traces of sweat on the men athletic shirt.

Odor- Resistence

The new material improves sweat condition, and then reduces the strange odor produced after vigorous exercise.

Safety Support for Night Run

Fashion rainbow reflective tapes and logo will get drivers attention to keep the safe distance from you.


Tagless Crew Collar & Ergonomic Seams

Tagless Crew Collar & Ergonomic Seams

Moisture Wicking Textile

Moisture Wicking Textile

Reflective Tapes & Logo

Reflective Tapes & Logo

Tagless Crew Collar & Ergonomic Seams

Tagless crew collar protect you from chfing.Raglan sleeves and Specialized stitching allow you to move around comfortablely.Extra strengthen neckline improve the durablity, long wear not deformation.

Top Lightweight Moisture Wicking Fabric

Special moisture wicking fabric training shirt-Certified by Germany TechKeep your Skin DryCooling EffectAntistaticAnti-Odor

Reflective Tapes & Logo

Relfective tapes and logo attached in the training shirt front and back, offer runner do a safe running in a low visiblity.Fashion colorful tapes has virious color changes under different lighting condition.

Muezna Running ShirtMuezna Running Shirt

Dry-Fit Shirt Attached 3 Quality &Technology Tags

All the Tags are accredited by Professional Organization, like FERAN ICE, and HYBRIDTEX INVERAS.3 TOP Textile added make the shirt has a best moisture wicking system.

Muezna Men Dry Fit Sports Shirts

Seam of Men's Sport Shirts

Seam of Men's Sport Shirts



Muezna Shirt back

Muezna Shirt back

Strong & Neat Machine Stitched Seam

All Muezna workout shirts for men seam are stitched by Japanese sewing machine which can provide new type sewing way, 4 stitches and 6 threads, to enhance the seam than normal sewing way.Special sewing seams make the performance shirt more durable.

Absolute Cooling and Breathable Experience

Super Breathable cloth releases heat from body.If you are a a runner, this men’s running shirt will allow breeze to blow your skin when you enjoy running .

Arc Back Design Show Men’s Health Body

Special back design will let a man looks more strong in visual.

Gym Shirts for Men – Raglan short sleeves designed gym T shirt with ergonomic seams allow greater range of motion.
Running Shirts for Men – Anti-odor technology int the running shirt prevents the growth of odor causing by long time exercises.
Dry Fit Shirts for Men – Strategic mesh panel give your skin a breathable feeling when you are running or training.
Reflective tapes & logo for low light visibility.

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