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Data Tools: 4 tutorials

🗒Data Tools (Reference Guide)

📹Data Validation Part 1

📹Data Validation Part 2

📹Text to Columns

📹Autofill Data

📝Data Tools Practice Assignment

📝Data Tools Quiz

Manage Data: 5 tutorials

🗒Manage Data (Reference Guide)

📹Manage Data: Search, Find, Replace

📹Manage Data: Sorting Data

📹Manage Data: Filter Data

📹Manage Data: Freeze/Split Columns and Rows

📹Manage Data: Group Columns and Rows

📝 Practice Assignment: Manage Data

📝 Manage Data Quiz

Logical Functions 8 tutorials

🗒Logical Operators (Reference Guides)

📹Logical: Logical Operators

📹Logical: Intro to IF

📹Logical: Intro to And/OR

📹Logical: IF (nested) AND/OR

📹Logical Function Tool: IF/AND/OR

📹Logical: IF (DateValue)

📹Logical: IF (TODAY)

📹Logical Function Tool: IF (AND, OR, Today, DateValue)

📝 Practice Assignment: Format Excel

📝 Formatting Excel Quiz

Formulas 9 tutorials

🗒Excel Formulas (Reference Guide)

📹Excel Formulas: Formula and Cell Reference Options

📹Excel Formulas: Autosum

📹Excel Formulas: Addition

📹Excel Formulas: Subtraction

📹Excel Formulas: Multiplication

📹Excel Formulas: Division

📹Excel Formulas: Recap 1

📹Excel Formulas: Recap 2

📹Excel Formulas: Cell Reference Types

📝 Practice Assignment: Excel Formulas

📝 Excel Formulas Quiz

Date/Time 9 tutorials

🗒Date/Time (Reference Guide)

📹Date/Time Functions: Introduction to Date/Time Functions in Excel

📹Date/Time Functions: Date Series

📹Date/Time Functions: Time Series

📹Date/Time Functions: DATEDIF

📹Date/Time Functions: Days

📹Date/Time Functions: EDate

📹Date/Time Functions: EOMonth

📹Date/Time Functions: NetworkDays/NetworkDays.INTL

📹Date/Time Functions: DateValue and TimeValue

📝 Practice Assignment: Date/Time

📝 Date/Time Quiz>

Excel Charts 9 tutorials

🗒Excel Charts (Reference Guide)

🗒Excel Charts Types

📹Introduction to Charts in MS Excel

📹Excel Charts: Review the Basics

📹Excel Charts: Formatting Charts

📹Excel Charts: Update Charts

📹Excel Charts: Bar/Column Charts

📹Excel Charts: Line Charts

📹Excel Charts: Area Charts

📹Excel Charts: Histogram/Pareto Charts

📹Excel Charts: Pie and Donut Charts

📝 Practice Assignment: Excel Charts

📝 Excel Charts Quiz

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about My Excel Power Online Courses

Discount Link: Buy Now

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