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You may be wondering…

Should I get a dog trainer? 

I believe everyone who owns an animal should learn about the breed specific requirements, behaviours and what it takes to give them the best possible life that meets their needs. This includes learning from an industry professional such as a trainer.

If your dog develops behavioural issues it is important to seek professional advice to overcome the behaviours fast. 

Finding the right trainer is important. You should always seek someone who is certified and focuses mainly on psychology and the dog’s mind, rather than tricks and unnecessary equipment. 

Can I train my dogs instead? Not sure if I have the time for classes

This is a great question. You are not alone in this dilemma! 

Time is a valuable thing. Although classes are great for certain dogs and people, training should not be put off if you don’t have time to attend them.

This is where our course will provide you with everything that you would learn in a 6 week training class program plus more! 

Like we always say, the best trainer for your dog is you. You are the one that your dog trusts and loves, so your guidance will be the most valuable.

How to easily train your dog

Training shouldn’t be a one off course or a chore that you dread doing. It must become part of your everyday lifestyle and routine. To become the perfect leader for your dog, you will first learn how to control and work on your energy, helping you to build a successful trainer’s persona.

This requires you to be confident and assertive whilst finding the balance of friendship and leadership.

Next, you will want to learn the basic psychology behind the commands you teach. Learn why we teach them and what you are actually communicating to your dog and what they are telling you.

For example, the command “sit” is the first command we teach, but it’s also the first command your dog will ignore when around distractions. So why is this? This is because the command is lacking respect unless we have something to immediately offer in return, such as a treat. It’s important for your dog to display this command in every situation. This comes down to how you have allowed your dog to comprehend the meaning behind the command sit.

Chances are, you may not entirely know the meaning either. So once you do, everything will fall into place for you as a trainer. 

Once you have mastered your training at home, in the backyard and out around distractions. Your next step is to learn how to control your dog from a distance. 

It’s important to always follow a program guide and not rush into trying everything at once. This will only create lack of structure for your dog which leads to confusion. 

Distance or off leash training should be earned and a huge reward for their efforts. I will show you how to explain this in easy language for your dog to understand. 

Lastly you will want to learn how to control your dog in public places and high levels of distraction. This includes walking well on lead without pulling or barking at dogs, keeping your dog’s energy low and feeling confident taking your dog to cafes or on a weekend away. 

The good news is, all you need is a few minutes a day, using my experience to create the best relationship you can have with your dog.


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about Online Dog Training Course

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