Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Ontraport vs. Active Campaign – Which One is Better? 

If you have long been in the world of online business, you have probably reached that point where your existing online marketing systems no longer serve you the way they did in the past.

You may now have more offers, and you need to have a better-segmented list. Maybe you want to automate several campaigns and effectively track your affiliate sales. Or, you could have just several systems tangled together that things have already fallen through the cracks.

This is where platforms for marketing automation such as Ontraport vs. Active Campaign come in. These two are both systems that need an investment of money and time to set things up.

The two platforms also offer reliable automation. It can help streamline your site and email marketing management. But, advanced functionality will come at a higher price, unlike those free email marketing platforms being used by people who are on a tight budget.

As expected, you will get precisely what you paid for. It doesn’t matter where you choose to invest, whether in Active Campaign or Ontraport. The only sure thing is that it will have a better effect on your online business as a whole.

Tag Contacts for Automation and Organization

Ontraport vs. Active Campaign both use tags to assign and categorize properties to all members in your CRM. In every platform, the stickers will be applied automatically and function based on your set parameters. The tags can also be used for various purposes on both platforms.

For instance, you can opt to segment the email list, or you can also grant specific permissions on a user according to an opt-in or purchase. Tagging is invaluable when you are ready to start targeting certain client groups and offer them a more personal experience.

Complicated Tag Scenarios is Where Ontraport Excels

The tag manager of Ontraport lets you categorize tags according to groups. When you are working with hundreds of dozens of tickets, this ability to group and filter is quite handy. Similarly, when you are working with a few sophisticated campaigns for email marketing that are all guided by exceptional tags together with a membership website with tags making the access possible, the absence of filtering can turn tag management into a severe hassle.

Straightforward Use is the Strength of Active Campaign

Even though tags are also used in the Active Campaign, at the moment, it doesn’t let you organize them anyway at all.

Practically speaking, for entrepreneurs who only got 100 tags, for example, it might not be a problem at all.

There are, of course, other super simple ways to deal with this if Active Campaign happens to suit different areas of your business.

You can create a spreadsheet for all your tags to manage them efficiently, provided that there is a way to keep the process updated. Since Active Campaign lets you search for tickets according to name, it is easy to locate those you want to merge or edit.

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