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Q: What do I need to use this service?

A:  You need to be able to receive email trade alerts. And you need to be approved to trade options at a brokerage firm. Your broker should let you enter conditional orders, limit orders and stop orders. 

Q. Do I need to be an options expert to use this service?

A. No, you don’t need to be an expert. Our subscribers are regular investors that understand options and want alerts to options they can buy. 

Q. What is the goal of each alert?

A. The goal is to make 100% to 500% in 2 to 9 days. In one case, the trade lasted 8 days, the option went up over 600%. In another case the option went up 20% and stayed flat for several days.

Q. How much money should I start with?

A. It all depends. We recommend you start with $2500.

Q. Do you guarantee I will make money?

A: No. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. You could lose all or some of your money on any trade.

Q: Do I need to download anything?

A: No, there is nothing to download. Everything is “web based” which means you can access the member’s area from any computer or device.

Q: How many alerts to you send out every week?

A: Every Wednesday we send three (3) trade alerts. 

Q. Do I need to buy the options the very second I get the alert?

A. No, there’s no rush. Usually there is plenty of time to buy the option before it starts to move.

Q: Do you send Sell Alerts?

A: No. You are responsible for choosing when to sell your weekly options. Knowing when to sell is best evaluated on a case by case basis depending on what is happening in the market or the specific option. There is no rule on when to sell to lock in profits or take a loss. We have some guidelines to help you make the most out of our options picks which you’ll find in your Quick Start Options Trading Guide inside the member’s area. 

Q: Is this day trading options?

A: No. In some cases it may end up being a day trade, but the options alerts are designed to get in and out in 1 to 5 days or sometimes longer. 

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. We offer a 30 day, No Questions Asked Refund. If you are unhappy with your Options Pop membership just let us know and we’ll issue you a refund within 30 days. 

Q. Is there a contract?

A. No, you can cancel at anytime.

Q. How much is a subscription?

A. A subscription is just $79 per month.

Q. What do I get as a subscriber?

A. You get 3 trade alerts every week plus you get instant access to the member’s area where you get the current Options Pop Trade Alerts and all previous alerts plus you get the Options Pop trader training…

Here’s what you will learn…

Lesson #1: All About Options

Lesson #2: The 4 Parts Of An Option

Lesson #3: Three Things That Affect Options Prices

Lesson #4: How To Get The Most From The Options Pop Alerts 

Lesson #5: Interpreting the Options Pop

Lesson #6: Understanding the Options Pop Alert

Lesson #7: Finding the options in our alerts

Lesson #8: Trade Entry Tips

Lesson #9: Recommended Trade Price Rules 

Lesson #10: Exit Strategies

Lesson #11: Stop Loss Instructions

Lesson #12: Exit Collars and Legging Out 

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about Options Pop

Discount Link: Buy Now

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