Infusionsoft Alternatives – What Are Other Options

Infusionsoft is used by many small businesses to boost sales, save time, and get organized. It is ideal for small businesses that operate as online sellers, brick-and-mortar stores, and mobile services.

A primary benefit of Infusionsoft is its countless seamless integrations with all kinds of 3rd party programs. It also empowers you to automate the routine tasks like follow-ups as well as map out your marketing and sales strategies.

With Infusionsoft, you can engage in personal relationships with all of your buyers, enrich leads, and so on. It’s a single centralized system that enables you to collate all activities daily and customer interactions in an only place. It also allows users to obtain new leads, sell wares online, convert leads to customers, and collect payments easily to boost your profitability and productivity.

Overall, Infusionsoft is a leading marketing, CRM, and sales automation software that is made for small and medium-sized companies. However, if you like a more extensive choice, here are some Infusionsoft alternatives:


The suite of marketing cloud and CRM solutions of Salesforce enables you to manage your customer relationships efficiently and optimize all of your marketing efforts. The CRM of Salesforce allows users to close more deals, get more leads, get actionable insights, and accelerate productivity to improve performance. Use the reports and dashboards to gather data for detailed reporting and analysis.


It offers marketing, CRM, and sales modules, and you can purchase them separately or a bundle. The benefit is the combined suite can help you save time and money. The reason behind it is that you won’t need third-party software. HubSpot provides a free trial with full features. You may join the CRM free app of HubSpot, which may be the foundation of the growth stack.


It combines various elements of small business marketing to an integrated and user-friendly solution. With ActiveCampaign, you may create engaging emails, implement marketing automation technology, get more information on your leads, and use social media marketing. This is the reason why thousands of people are using ActiveCampaign for expanding their business. Some benefits are knowledgeable and prompt customer support and seamless integrations with many software solutions.


It’s a secure unified platform, which empowers companies to handle marketing content, information management, and sales effectively and quickly. Ontraport offers vital functionality, including marketing automation and features, social media integration, task management, lead capture tools, file sharing capabilities, CRM, and split testing.

Ontraport does the job through managing your sales, leads, customer relationships, and so much more. Moreover, it helps you craft attractive web pages for improved conversion rates. You may send emails and track campaigns effortlessly with just a click of a button. The best part of Ontraport is its sales tools that allow customers to buy and view the products, services, and offerings of the company.

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How To Use Constant Contact – Follow Those Steps

If you want to make your email marketing simple, Constant Contact is your solution. It begins with professional and straightforward templates made more comfortable with the tool’s drag and drops functionality. It also enables you to upload your email lists as well as sorts through inactive accounts and unsubscribes on its own.

You will also enjoy how it sends messages automatically for similar yearly milestones and birthdays, depending on your Constant Contact plan. Real-time tracking tools allow you to see how an effective campaign is without guessing and extra features such as social media integration, A/B testing, and so on.

How to Get Started with Constant Contact

If you want to know how to use Constant Contact, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the signup page of Constant Contact to get started. You may give its full service a try for sixty days without the need to sign up for your credit card. Just make your account with your name, organization, and email address.
  2. Verify your account through the email sent to you. After that, you will be directed to the main screen of Constant Contact with quick links to its vital features.
  3. Create a campaign.
  4. Add contacts. Before sending an email campaign, you would want to upload your contacts, so you have somebody to send it to. Click Contacts on the top tab to get started. Choose Add Contacts. You can also import your contacts. It is more efficient.
  5. Manage your contacts. Organize them in your Email Lists. These will let you target particular groups.
  6. Other than the lists, you may also use Tags to keep track of various attributes of contacts outside of the listings.
  7. Make your email campaign. There are some basic templates available for various purposes.
  8. Edit your email template. You can make attractive email campaigns in the editor. You can add elements, and the existing content will make room for it. There are tabs available in the editor to edit email templates. Build allows you to drag and drop new elements. Images let you upload new photos. Design enables you to change the background colors, font properties, colors, and so on.
  9. Send your email campaign. If you did not change on the last page, you would want to give your campaign a new name at the top. Choose which email lists the message must go to. Once everything is ready, you can now send the first campaign.

Constant Contact takes care of each aspect.

From creating campaigns to making the perfect email templates along with sending emails and keeping track of the results. You will find everything in Constant Contact for your marketing needs.

Regardless if you like to A/B test subject lines and make use of different integrations to serve thousands of readers, Constant Contact is always an excellent tool for you.

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Constant Contact Free Trial – How To Sign Up For It

If you have a business, you should know that marketing is everything.  These days, emails are considered as the most precious forms of marketing. But, as a business owner, you do not always have the time to make perfect emails that set you apart from your competitors. This is why Constant Contact exists.

Constant Contact ensures that you have the best email marketing to win new customers. It is an expert in what it does and ensures that you are sending out the best emails with several eye-catching templates to choose from.

Constant Contact is also focused on helping nonprofits, and small businesses succeed. It believes in offering business owners with the perfect formula to beat the odds, gain repeat customers, and create personal relationships. It also stays updated on the emerging technology and trends on the most effective marketing tactics.

If you want to know how Constant Contact works, you don’t have to spend a vast amount of money. Constant Contact free trial is a good idea for you to determine if this tool is best suited for your unique business needs.

To sign up for Constant Contact free trial, you should enter your email address and follow the instructions provided.

What You Will Get from Constant Contact Free Trial?

The free trial of Constant Contact is fully equipped with features including the following:

  • Easy Editing

Its drag and drop email editor makes it simple to resize columns and images, rework your template, and move content with just a few clicks.

  • Unlimited Emails

Every plan offered by Constant Contact allows you to send unlimited emails. The price starts at $20 per month for zero to 500 contacts. In Constant Contact free trial, it is limited to 100 contacts.

  • Action Blocks

Drive particular actions like feedback and RSVPs from your email. The Action Blocks have helped customers increase the click-through rates by 230 percent.

  • Social and Mobile Capabilities

If you have concerns about your email templates for mobile devices, it’s not a problem with Constant Contact, as it makes it easy to take marketing beyond the inbox.

  • Sign-Up Tools

It is simple. If you grow your email list, you will be able to grow your business. Its sign-up tools will help you add contacts in person, through mobile, from Facebook, and on your website.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Reporting and tracking tools show who read, received, and shared your message on which channel and device. All of these will help you boost your next campaign.

Get Expert Support and Guidance from Constant Contact

Do you need marketing advice? If you like to expand your business or add a skill, Constant Contact got you covered. Its team is always ready to help you with your concerns. Here are some of the things you can also enjoy from Constant Contact:

  • Its marketing services team always do the work for you
  • Provides a solution to your concerns
  • Get product support via chat or phone
  • Watch a webinar, attend an event, read blogs

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Clickfunnels vs Infusionsoft – Which One Is Better

Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels are online marketing tools that offer similar features but designed for different audiences. In spite of the differences between these tools, both will give you a great experience. If you want to know which one is better between Clickfunnels vs. Infusionsoft, you have to know their differences.

Clickfunnels – What Is It?

Clickfunnels is developed in 2014 by Russell Brunson. It’s a marketing, and an online sales funnel service enabling small businesses to sell their products as well as interact with the customers. It allows users to make eCommerce systems, lead generation systems, product launch pages, and sales funnels with the use of its simple drag and drop feature.

Clickfunnels is an ideal choice for both professionals and beginners in internet marketing. It allows them to edit landing and sales pages easily. It has many templates for both pages and funnels. Also, Clickfunnels enables you to link known payment processors directly to the page for payment. It makes it simple for the users with the knowledge to create professional-looking landing pages that make it simple to track the conversion rates.

Infusionsoft – What is It?

On the contrary, Infusionsoft is a sales and email marketing tool that helps medium-sized, and big businesses optimize and manage the life cycle of customers. It also combines social media, eCommerce, and email management. The tool enables you to get more features for marketing automation than any funneling tool.

You may create long term campaigns quickly based on the behavior of your customers, including making a purchase, signing up for events, and automating many processes.

The Bottom Line

Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels are both excellent tools. While they share some standard features, they are made with various audiences in mind.

If you are a solo marketer, managing a small marketing team, or a small business owner, you will prefer Clickfunnels. It is much easier to use, includes many tools that your business requires to create scalable and effective sales funnels. Plus, it is less expensive.

You will like Clickfunnels if your business sells physical or virtual products online and requires software that could manage payments, marketing, and customers.

If you are part of a more prominent company and you require a powerful marketing automation platform, you will love Infusionsoft because of its big range of available features. It is more powerful compared to Clickfunnels and more comprehensive and flexible.

The only disadvantage of Infusionsoft is that it is a bit challenging to use.

It means that you will have to complete its Kickstart training course before you can use the software confidently to create campaigns.

To top it all, Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels are some of the best tools for marketing. The only difference between them is their target audience. If you are a small business owner and require an all-in-1 tool to boost your sales, you will like Clickfunnels. However, if you are managing a more significant business, Infusionsoft is a better choice.

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Alternatives to Constant Contact – What Are Other Choices

In terms of marketing platforms, Constant Contact is one of the best. Since 2011, its user base continues to grow significantly. But, like other things, not all will love what Constant Contact offers. This is the reason why other business owners look for alternatives to Constant Contact.

If you are looking for a better email marketing tool, here are some of the several Constant Contact alternatives:

Active Campaign

It is a top-rated email marketing tool. It seems like a powerhouse tool for newsletters, and there are lots of features you will love about it. The elements of Active Campaign seem adapted to email marketers who prefer complete control on when and how to send messages to the users. Multiple conditions follow up campaigns, and flexibility to make complex sales funnels and chains.


It is perfect for those who are searching for an alternative to Constant Contact. SendinBlue is a French email marketing tool with exciting features such as newsletters, the ability to send SMS, and transactional emails. Other than that, it has other impressive features for report and automation. All of these are available at an affordable price.


Get Response has numerous professional features at competitive prices. This email marketing platform is also a good alternative to Constant Contact. It claims as to the simplest available tool for a newsletter that empowers email marketers with its exceptional features. It might even work for first-timers who do not have websites thanks to its landing page editor.


Without a doubt, MailChimp is the most popular email marketing tool, among other Constant Contact alternatives. It is hard to think of a device in which ad campaigns, cheeky mascot, and visual has a significant impact on the creators of newsletters everywhere. But, just because it’s the first name in one’s mind once you mention newsletters, MailChimp isn’t necessarily the best.


It targets the content creators these days, including YouTubers, bloggers, and podcasters. It’s a strange angle, particularly since you cannot imagine what such people would require that some small businesses would not.

Constant Contact is one of the popular email marketing tools in the market today. It targets small and medium-sized businesses and does a decent job helping marketers who like to connect with customers where they go daily. But, that does not mean it is the best email marketing tool for you and your business needs.

Those are just some of the many Constant Contact alternatives. There are other alternatives for Constant Contact you can choose from. Depending on your needs, you may select the one that would give you more benefits. Also, keep your budget in mind for you to determine what’s worth it for your investment and what will waste your money.

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