What is GetResponse – Things You Should Know             

When looking for an email marketing service, you need to look for an easy to use program with all the necessary tools to produce successful campaigns for your email marketing efforts. The best service comes with drag and drop tools such as automated workflows, contact list management, and drag and drops tools.

GetResponse is one of these services you can try. What is GetResponse?

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse offers a plan that fits the budget and needs of all businesses. This also provides a free trial suitable for 30 days on the majority of its plans. This trial lets you test the platform first before spending any money on it.

Together with the comprehensive and affordable plans, GetResponse has easy and straightforward to use tools that simplify creating responsive newsletters and emails. The email creator could be used by everyone, whatever their skill levels might be, even if you lack previous experience in graphic design. This is because you can choose to use any of the design templates or use your very own HTML code. Templates are also entirely customizable, where you can add your choice of content, logos, and colors.

GetResponse also offers excellent customer service. In case you have some questions, all you need to do is contact the representatives through email or live chat. You can also browse the blog or tutorials to look for answers for common questions and check guides regarding different areas of the platform.

GetResponse Features 

Reports and analytics

After sending your emails, you will be able to track their performance through the software’s analytics. You can check the clicks, open rate, conversions, social sharing statistics, bounce rate, and unsubscribes together with emails that mobile and desktop email clients open.

A/B testing

When creating your emails, you can perform A/B split testing to learn the email version that your customers will receive better. You can test subject lines, content, day of the week, and time of the day. After identifying what subscribers are responding to, GetResponse is going to send out the email with the best performance.


GetResponse offers drag and drops automation tools to simplify the creation of workflows. These features can be used to remind customers about items left in their cart or welcome new subscribers. You can tweak, track, and test workflows to produce more successful campaigns for email marketing.


Among the impressive features of GetResponse is the fact that you can also create your custom sales pipelines and create customer profiles. The CRM lets you track your leads and spot opportunities.

Contact management

Managing your contact list is made easy with the list management tools available at GetResponse. You can import your existing contacts and create a list, filter and segment contacts, add new connections, and track your lists’ growth.

Other features of GetREsponse include email creator, surveys and forms, and email templates.

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What is AWeber – Things You Should Know                       

Are you searching for a way to ensure that your customers continue to be engaged for repeat or initial business? Then, you are probably planning to use an email marketing automation software such as AWeber and add it to your arsenal of internet marketing tools.

So, what is AWeber?

What is AWeber?

AWeber is an online-based software for email marketing automation that lets you stay connected with all of your customers. It allows you to import customer details or create forms wherein your customers can enter their details.

You can use a smartphone app to let your potential customers or customers enter their information even if you are on the go.

This software has been in existence for more than a decade and has become the go-to software application for most business professionals who want to engage with and reach out to their customers. Most business owners and bloggers integrate the program with their WordPress sites.

Aside from letting you create forms for capturing email addresses of future and current customers, you can use an autoresponder for sending automated emails on specific times and dates.

Uses of AWeber

AWeber can act as a CRM or customer relationship management, autoresponder solution, or email newsletter. If you wish to start your own business or you already own one, customers don’t always purchase your service or product on the first time they see it. They might want to visit your website or store first to get more details about it.

They may then leave without returning at all. This is far from being good. Of course, you would want your visitors to turn into lifelong customers who will enjoy your services and products and spread the word about it to all their friends.

How will you linger on their mind just within the time they are prepared to make a purchase?

This is where AWeber comes in handy.

With the use of this program, you will be able to automate the process of customer relationship building.

This software can be set up for sending emails or newsletters automatically on particular times and dates. So, when you are busy with other business tasks, or you want to take some time off, this software will continue to work hard for you to establish relationships with your customers and probably make sales for you at the same time.

If you got some promotion or information you wish to share, you could send it right away or schedule the broadcast message for your potential or current customers.

Email Marketing Features of AWeber

AWeber’s email marketing automation features include the following:

  • Autoresponder followup
  • Campaigns
  • A high rate of email deliverability
  • Expert customer service
  • Stylish signup forms
  • RSS to email
  • Email newsletters
  • HTML email templates
  • Drag and drop editor
  • App integration
  • Tracking
  • Subscriber engagement
  • Atom app
  • Mobile apps
  • Free trial for 30 days

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What is Active Campaign – Things You Should Know      

What is an Active Campaign?

Before anything else, it is worthy to note that Active Campaign is not only an email service provider. Instead, it tries to offer a holistic approach. The entire process of email lead generation through four essential functions:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Messaging
  • CRM and sales

What is an Active Campaign? An Overview

Active Campaign is a series of several marketing applications. It is combined in a single user-friendly platform. And designed to address the needs of different areas of small businesses. This system allows the seamless creation of engaging and stunning emails. Also harnessing the power of social media marketing. Finding more information about contacts and applying technology. It uses marketing automation for small businesses that were once unreachable.

Active Campaign boasts of over a hundred thousand users all over the world. The system helps them grow their business. The application is quick and easy to set up with no need for credit card information. There are also over 150 integrations. And users can take advantage of fast, helpful, and friendly support.

Benefits of Active Campaign

The primary advantages of Active Campaign include restricted content for current information. Sales CRM, easy to use API, event tracking tool, and site tracking feature.

Conditional content

This allows users to change content depending on the contact. For instance, users can show completely different images or text blocks on the email. It depends on the web pages that were viewed and how contacts have been tagged. The feature can be used when sending out communication of sale notification through email. Or every time certain products are displayed that were supposed to be viewed before.

Site monitoring

The site tracking feature connects marketing to the behavior of a specific contact. It lets users respond to the customers according to their activities on the site. Users can then adjust their market according to their potential or current clients’ interests.

To do this, the site tracking feature allows the system to check what the contact is doing in the site of the users. An entire history of the page view is attached to every contact record. For users to see what they did and didn’t do on the site.

Event monitoring

Active Campaign comes with a feature known as Event Tracking. It allows communication with the contacts regarding specific actions made in the system. This information can be used to develop highly customized marketing. This feature can also be used to notify the system every time a user logs into the website. This can also be used if you want to trigger follow-up campaigns.

Sales CRM

The automation tools of the system also function similar to CRM that allows smooth marketing to sales transition. The marketing automation comes in handy during the process of marketing. And this is also the same process of marketing that can be used to automate different tasks on the sales process.

Intuitive API

Active Campaign has an easy to use API that lets users fully and easily integrates this system with the existing ecosystem of apps. Capabilities can be extended if required.

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Ontraport vs. Active Campaign – Which One is Better? 

If you have long been in the world of online business, you have probably reached that point where your existing online marketing systems no longer serve you the way they did in the past.

You may now have more offers, and you need to have a better-segmented list. Maybe you want to automate several campaigns and effectively track your affiliate sales. Or, you could have just several systems tangled together that things have already fallen through the cracks.

This is where platforms for marketing automation such as Ontraport vs. Active Campaign come in. These two are both systems that need an investment of money and time to set things up.

The two platforms also offer reliable automation. It can help streamline your site and email marketing management. But, advanced functionality will come at a higher price, unlike those free email marketing platforms being used by people who are on a tight budget.

As expected, you will get precisely what you paid for. It doesn’t matter where you choose to invest, whether in Active Campaign or Ontraport. The only sure thing is that it will have a better effect on your online business as a whole.

Tag Contacts for Automation and Organization

Ontraport vs. Active Campaign both use tags to assign and categorize properties to all members in your CRM. In every platform, the stickers will be applied automatically and function based on your set parameters. The tags can also be used for various purposes on both platforms.

For instance, you can opt to segment the email list, or you can also grant specific permissions on a user according to an opt-in or purchase. Tagging is invaluable when you are ready to start targeting certain client groups and offer them a more personal experience.

Complicated Tag Scenarios is Where Ontraport Excels

The tag manager of Ontraport lets you categorize tags according to groups. When you are working with hundreds of dozens of tickets, this ability to group and filter is quite handy. Similarly, when you are working with a few sophisticated campaigns for email marketing that are all guided by exceptional tags together with a membership website with tags making the access possible, the absence of filtering can turn tag management into a severe hassle.

Straightforward Use is the Strength of Active Campaign

Even though tags are also used in the Active Campaign, at the moment, it doesn’t let you organize them anyway at all.

Practically speaking, for entrepreneurs who only got 100 tags, for example, it might not be a problem at all.

There are, of course, other super simple ways to deal with this if Active Campaign happens to suit different areas of your business.

You can create a spreadsheet for all your tags to manage them efficiently, provided that there is a way to keep the process updated. Since Active Campaign lets you search for tickets according to name, it is easy to locate those you want to merge or edit.

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MaiChimp vs. AWeber vs. Constant Contact – Which One is Better?       

If you are new to the world of online marketing, there are several things you need to keep in mind. You can find hundreds of different email platforms in the market today, and there is a fierce battle between MailChimp vs. AWeber vs. Constant Contact. These three are guaranteed heavyweights that have been around for some time with a proven track record.

MailChimp Features

When designing your dream email, you can take advantage of the customization of MailChimp and give your ideas to go wild. You can easily drag and drop content in MailChimp’s editor. Images are among the most crucial elements of an email, and MailChimp allows you to store as many photos as you want for free.

The autoresponder is among the core features of all email marketing software. Sadly, you will only get a basic autoresponder in MailChimp’s free plan. You will need to pay for the option if you need more advanced features for your autoresponder.

Split testing lets you determine what works and what doesn’t. MailChimp enables you to split test with four variables. It can be done on the subject line, send time, and content. But, the free plan only lets you run a single automatic split test while a paid program enables you to run as much as eight split tests at a time.

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AWeber Features

AWeber considers the user interface to be a big deal, and you can see it by just taking a look at their editor. There are 700 email templates available at your disposal that are all mobile responsive. If you are a more technically savvy user, you can use HTML to edit and create templates.

Autoresponder is also simple in AWeber. You could automate your emails with the help of the easy to use an editor that you can learn to use in just a matter of minutes. You need to drag and drop the action elements to set up the automated sequence in minutes.

AWeber also offers spit testing. This can be performed on content, design, subject line, and more.

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Constant Contact Features

Since plain text can be quite dull, Constant Contact lets you choose from an array of templates while writing. All of these are separated into several uses and industries to make it easier to choose. You can also go to greater lengths when you customize templates, although you need a good understanding of HTML to have more significant editing. Constant Contact also offers unlimited image storage for free.

Constant Contact also has a stock image database you can use for free for all of your emails.

There is also an advanced autoresponder feature with several excellent uses. You could send out promotions, coupons, series of articles or posts, or set up reminders for your appointments. But, this is available only as a paid option.

Three variables make split testing easy. You could test for the best design choice, send time, and effectiveness of the subject line. Automatic A/B testing is only available for one test.

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